A couple of programming notes this morning via Marc Lancaster…

  • The entire Rays infield will now be in St. Louis for the All-Star game. Carlos Pena has been added to the AL roster to replace Dustin Pedroia. Pedroia’s wife is currently in the hospital and may be set to deliver their baby a few weeks early.
  • Also, Grant Balfour has been added to the bereavement list and John Jaso has been promoted and will join the team today. This is likely just a one game move as Balfour is expected back Friday. Jaso appeared in 5 games for the Rays last September.

On a side note…does the removal of Pedroia make Ben Zobrist the starting second baseman for the AL?



  1. Chalk says:

    Zobrist has to start over freakin' Aaron Hill doesn't he? Only reason for Hill is Zobrist can play everywhere. But just start Zorilla and play him the whole game shifting around to different positions.
    If Zobrist does start, can we add an ASG logo to the Zorilla shirt?

  2. Don says:

    If Maddon has final say so...Zo will start!
    Not sure about Pena being "named"??...but to have the leading home run
    hitter in contest is nice!

  3. Matt says:

    Wow, very surprised it's Pena and not Kinsler. If I was anything but a Rays fan I'd be crying foul... but if Wakefield gets a "lifetime achievement award", Pena also gets one for being the #2 home run hitter in the AL over the past 3 years.

    • Beth says:

      Maddon probably feels some loyalty to his own team (and most All star managers act the same way) but it's also sort of a mixed blessing for the franchise -- all these guys have contract clauses that pay them bonuses if they are chosen for the All Star game, right? So Maddon's choice could cost Stu Sternberg $25-50,000!!

  4. Andy Kline says:

    I am very confident that Kinsler will be the next guy to be named to the team if any one else drops out. Sadly for him though, he is running out of time.

  5. Rytor says:

    Per ESPN.com:

    "Maddon said Toronto's Aaron Hill will start at second base in place of Pedroia."


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