hangoverLast we checked in on the Rays trade deadline possibilities, we heard that the Rays were showing interest in Roy Halladay and Cliff Lee, a couple of relievers, and Victor Martinez.

Halladay is probably off the table as it looks like he is headed to the Phillies, and the Indians don’t sound like they are interested in moving Lee or Martinez. The possibility of acquiring Lee seems like even more of a longshot when we consider they asked the Yankees for Phil Hughes or Joba Chamberlain. That means it will take a lot more than Wade Davis to land last year’s Cy Young winner.

We also have heard that if the Rays are to add a big name before the deadline, they would have to clear some payroll first. The big name we have heard so far is Scott Kazmir, whom the Angels were reportedly interested in.

Ken Rosenthal also insists the Angels are interested in Kazmir, noting that former Rays and current Angels pitching coach Mike Butcher is pushing for the Angels to make the deal.

However, the Angels claim that they have not even discussed the possibility of trading for Kazmir.

Meanwhile , Kazmir says he wants to remain with the Rays. Kazmir did sound a bit frustrated when he spoke about signing an extension with the Rays and now hearing trade rumors.

“I thought when I signed, it was kind of a bargain deal (for the team). And I’d be good to go, and I’d be here for a long time, at least until my contract ends,” he said. “But who knows? That’s baseball…You signed a deal with them. You want to show the team that invested the money in you that you’re worth every penny, and you’re going to go out there and prove to them that you are worth it,” he said. “That’s the one thing that kind of bothers you there. That’s the reason why I signed here. I wanted to be here.”

So, where does this leave the Rays with a week to go before the trade deadline? Well, after a 24-hour period where it seemed like a blockbuster deal might be on the horizon, it now looks more like the Rays roster will look the same on August 1st as it does right now. John Romano examined the Rays trade possibilities and concludes that standing pat may “make the most sense.”

But one thing we can count on: With the Rays in the thick of the playoff hunt, we are certain to hear many more of these rumors and notes over the next seven days.



  1. 9equals8.com says:

    I have to agree with the parting comment. It's most likely that the Rays stand pat with what they have. And for good reason. This team is not lacking talent. They are just lacking that intangible magic (and a little consistency). GO RAYS!

  2. Beth says:

    When I read the Kazmir comments in today's Time's a was a bit taken aback. He thinks his contract is a bargain for the team? Yeah, if he continued to pitch like an All-Star it would have been. Does he not realize how modest his contribution to the team has been, certainly this year and even part of last year?

    • Justin L says:

      Good point, Beth.

    • Melissa says:

      Remember, things are not always as they appear in print. You gotta sell your story and the paper... And considering what the salary around the league is for an "ace" (which is what he was considered as on this staff when he signed that contract) it was a deal.... just doesn't seem so on a team that has a low budget in comparison to other "contenders".

      And his contribution to the team is much like many of the others on this staff, pitchers and fielders. He's not the only one that's been hit and miss...

  3. bobrittner says:

    I am not a big fan of big deadline deals, at least not from the vantage point of a contender. They make more sense for the seller by acquiring talent that may help for a number of years and shedding onerous contracts. But while there are certainly dramatic exceptions, instances when a star player pushes a team over the top, I think that generally the advantage to the buyer is negligible.

    I don't doubt the Rays are looking at possibilities, but I doubt they will pull the trigger on anything major, and that is ok by me. The talent is here to get to the playoffs, and maybe even win the division although that likelihood is dwindling.

    • I agree and i think we can be certain that if the Rays do make a deal it will be on their terms. They are not a team that is just going to cave in to another team's demands for the sake of adding a specific player.

  4. Justin H says:

    why not just trade price? what the hell is wrong with him this is really pissing me off, what the hell are they gonna do with him they can't just keep running him out there every 5 days it's almost a bad start every time

  5. Justin L says:

    "Thick in the playoff hunt"?

    Eh. I wish.

  6. Carl Gonzalez says:

    Just heard this:

    Kaz and Reid would be Mariners
    Clement, Morrow, Random Ray spect to Indians
    Lee, V-Mart to Rays

    • Justin H says:

      they would be amazing but there is no way in hell that's gonna happen the Indians aren't getting nearly enough, a random rays prospect. They are definately not doing this deal without Davis and even if you put Davis into that deal it isn't going to be enough, also I think the Mariners might be getting more than the Indians would be. This sounds like a Mariners fan and a Rays fan who thought it be great if the Indians would just give away Lee and Martinez. I really want Lee and Martinez, but it's gonna take a lot more than that to get them and I personally think it's worth it for two years of each them.

  7. Don says:

    I love the "stand pat mentality" when they gave EJ away for nothing.. and passed on J Bay because they wanted prospects.....
    Is that the "stand pat mentality"...HELP ME!!!!!

    • Amanda says:

      Passed on J Bay? Are you nuts? They were the major player for Bay until the Red Sox came along and got him to basically block the Rays from getting him.

      And why don't you give it a rest on the Jackson trade? GET OVER IT. Have you ever stopped to consider that trading Jackson cleared a spot for Niemann?? Sometimes, you can't just look at a trade as a one-to-one ratio. It's a cause-and-effect, sometimes. Or, if you want to be pig-headded and look at that trade as a failure, so they have one bad trade. These are the same people who pulled off Garza/Bartlett for Young.

      Look, I don't think everything with the Rays is sunshine and lollipops. But the Rays stood pat last year, and look what it got them. (Oooh, a trip to the World Series.)

      • Carey says:

        Amen Amanda.

        Here's another one for you: Do you really believe that Jackson would be putting up those same numbers here? I don't. I think if he stayed, he's the same old EJax. I think the change of scenery and the Tigers staff have a lot to do with it. I also feel the same way about Kaz. Not sure it's ever going to work here. Joyce is going to be a very nice player. Fact is, the constant bashing of the Jackson trade is shortsighted and, frankly, dumb. No way to accurately evaluate that trade for at least two years and probably three.

        Now, in hindsight, perhaps we should have kept Hammel and kept Price down in AAA for the full year. He really looks overmatched at this level. Also, maybe I'm blind, but I don't see much movement on that fastball. Just seems hard and straight and guys really seem to hit him hard. Even a lot of his outs are lazershots or deep flies.

        • Amanda says:

          Thanks Carey 🙂

          I agree to a certain extent that Jackson is flourishing because of the trade. But don't forget, he had the most wins for the Rays last year. However, I do think that the over-analytical style of the Rays cramped his style. Who knows ... maybe he wins 18 games last year under a different coaching staff.

          I think Price *possibly* suffered from getting a little full of himself. He *is* the pitcher we saw in the playoffs last year, and will reach that point again. However, I wonder if he got case of big-headdedness when he didn't earn a spot right out of spring training.

  8. Melissa says:

    Staying put makes sense... Toronto seemingly wants to deal Hallady, however, they are asking for at least two franchise starters and several prospects from each team that has inquired. Halladay is good, but, in my not so humble opinion, he isn't that good. The Toronto ownership is out of their minds to think that these teams would be willing to give up the starting talent and the future (in prospects), and think that they are getting a good deal in receiving a guy that's only going to play every 5 games.

  9. Dave says:

    Wow, I know hindsight is 20/20, but a few days after this article was released and now we know that almost everything in there is absolutely false. Do you do research or is it all hunches?

    • The Professor says:

      Well Dave, if you look more closely you will see that everything in this post is what OTHER PEOPLE are/were saying. The colorful text are links. You click on those. You see people like Ken Rosenthal and Marc Topkin are the ones saying these things. I am simply relaying what they said.

      And on top of that, how do you know it is false? Nobody said "Rays are going to get so-and-so." All they are saying is that the team was interested or that they were talking. Tell me how you know that is false.

      In fact, the ONE thing that is my own opinion is at the end and it says no blockbuster deal is likely. In other words, I was right.

      but thanks for playing.


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