[Update 2:53pm] Marc Lancaster is reporting that Brignac was pulled for not hustling to first on the pop up.

[2:33pm] In today’s matchup between Durham and Norfolk, Reid Brignac was pulled from the game in the top of the 3rd. This does not appear to be injury related. He did not bat in the bottom of the 2nd and popped up in his only at bat in the first inning. He had not been involved in any defensive plays.

The Rays have good depth at the middle infield positions, so Brignac would be a good candidate to be involved in a trade.



  1. Buccoboy says:

    Please let it be the Buccos. Take you pick: Capps or Grabow.

  2. Jim says:

    Awwwww, I was getting all excited.

  3. delmon333 says:

    It does seem odd though that he was pulled 2 innings after he didnt "hustle" on a pop up. It seems a bit bogus and maybe a smoke screen on a pending trade.

  4. MocScott says:

    I just heard from Kaz's girlfriend that he and Brignac have been traded to the Angels!

    • Justin H says:

      why have we not heard anything from anywhere else and what would that be for prospects? I don't want prospects

    • v says:

      yeah i agree w/ justin. it's after 9pm now and still havent heard about this from anyone but you...

  5. Justin H says:

    also i saw this: Baseball America's Ben Badler reports Brignac will play in the second game of Durham's Saturday doubleheader. His "right leg was bothering him" this afternoon.

    So i really don't think he was traded, at least today, but it is still possible

  6. Don says:

    I heard the major reason the Rays didn't make the Jason Bay trade was that they wanted Brignac along with W. Davis...
    I said fine...where is Brignac going to play with Rays ....plus where would
    Davis pitch if they still had EJ......Bay in right field + EJ still pitching for Rays...excuse me...who beats the Rays!!!


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