phpuX45nkWe linked to this Bradenton Herald story yesterday but saved the best part for today.

At the end of this Roger Mooney piece, hall-of-famer Wade Boggs offers his thoughts on Joe Maddon’s use of Evan Longoria as a DH on days he doesn’t play third base.

Boggs also had a message for Rays manager Joe Maddon: Keep Longoria out of the designated hitter role.

“He’s only 23,” Boggs said. “He’s too young to be the DH. That’s the reason old guys DH. There’s nothing left to pull. That was our old joke. You can’t be a DH until you’ve torn both your hamstrings.”

You hate to ever see Dirtbag out of the lineup, but it does seem that if Maddon wants to give Longoria a day off, he shouldn’t half-ass it. Either give him the day off or don’t.

On a side note, why don’t the Rays hire Boggs as a special instructor? Given Boggs ability to drink he would certainly be as entertaining as George Brett, right? Maybe he would finally earn having that number up on the wall.

Boggs digs Longo [Bradenton Herald]


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