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  1. Don says:

    Gabe & Gabe: "not for" life.....they can not play!

    Missed for Hot....
    M. Hernandez almost batting .300... much better than Navaro(.212)
    and can really catch...ask D. Price...
    He is an asset when in...Navaro out...for now!

  2. ParrishRay says:

    Well it is time for the Gabe & Gabe experiment to finally come to a close. Hopefully Joyce stays up long enough to prove he can play RF everyday. He looked GOOD on Sunday with the homerun. Andy needs a blankie and a seat in the bullpen. Call up Carlos Hernandez and see if he is ready to pitch in the BIGs again.

    Reid actually hit really good yesterday too just to have Maddon take him and Joyce both out when we need hits and he brings in Kapler instead. OVER IT!


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