Last week the Washington Nationals made Stephen Strasburg the top pick in the draft. Many believe that he will command a contract worth $20-30 million.

This leaves us wondering if the Rays would have drafted Strasburg had they possessed the top pick.

The Rays are no stranger to the top pick, but they have never been faced with a player that would demand so much. It was rumored that last year the Rays passed on Buster Posey when he demanded a $12 million contract. Then again, Posey is no Strasburg.

So let’s hear what you think…





  1. TOBY says:

    If he was the #1 player on their board(which he would have been), then I'm sure they would have drafted him. If they didnt come to terms, then the Rays would have received the #2 pick in the 2010 draft.

  2. richie says:


  3. richie says:

    draft good player

  4. Dirtbag Fan says:

    The Rays need depth of position players in their farm system, so I think that they'd have traded the pick for a quality major league player or a series of lower picks and prospects.

    • stunna says:

      Pretty sure you can't trade picks in baseball. It'd be cool if you could though

      • Dirtbag Fan says:

        Yeah, I'm having a pretty bad run lately...last night I picked Pat Burrell to be the sunburst player even though there wasn't a DH, and now I forgot we were talking baseball after reading a bunch of crap about the NFL...

        Apparently my brain is not connected to my keyboard lately.
        To be fair though, I just found out that Mrs DirtbagFan is expecting our 4th baby dirtbagfan (I know- freakin' nuts!), so my mind is somewhere else... like trying to figure out how to build a 4th bedroom...


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