Last night, Scott Kazmir made his second rehab start, this one with the Durham Bulls. He allowed 1 run in 6 innings, striking out 5 and walking none.

After the game, Kaz met with the press and revealed that he will back at The Trop today to continue his rehab (thanks Chris). During the interview, Kaz said that he still needs to get his arm strength back, but that he feels he is ready to “contribute in the big leagues right now.”

While Kazmir will be back with the Rays today, he said the team has yet to decide whether he will rejoin the club or be sent out for another rehab start.

If the Rays do decide to activate Kazmir they would wait until at least Saturday when he would next be available to start. This leaves the Rays with a couple of options on how to handle the rotation.

If Kazmir replaces Jeff Niemann in the rotation, Kaz could be activated Saturday and take Niemann’s start on his normal 4 days rest.

However, if Kazmir replaces Andy Sonnanstine, things get more complicated as Sonny is not due to start again until Tuesday…

  • Kazmir could start Saturday on normal rest and move everybody else back for an extra day of rest, with Niemann starting on Sunday.
  • Kazmir could start Saturday and have Niemann take Sonny’s turn on Tuesday on 3 extra days of rest.
  • Or the Rays could wait and start Kazmir on Tuesday in Sonnanstine’s spot with Kaz going on 7 days rest.
  • None of these would surprise us, however the first two seem the most likely.

    No matter what the Rays decide, it looks like they will soon get back a rejuvenated Scott Kazmir. That is the type of addition other clubs would have to trade two top prospects for.

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    1. KyleS says:

      Sonny's next scheduled start is Thursday, not Tuesday, that is if he's not relegated to long relief by that point, which I think is probably the most likely scenario. With the off-day yesterday they can move Shields up to Thursday, Niemann to Friday, and Kaz on Saturday.....if they decide he's ready of course.

      • Sorry, I should have made that more clear. Obviously Kaz won't be ableto start Thursday so it would be the next start on Tuesday that could potentially be affected.

    2. Don says:

      I would give Kazmir a "chance" in the see how he reacts/performs.... THEN decide on the other two bums....not really much to choose from!
      Maybe go for the "two top prospects"....

    3. Justin says:

      Hold on a second!

      Prof, what makes anyone think that Kaz is fixed? I mean, we have heard all kinds of excuses (lies actually) about him returning to form for over a year!

      My question: what is different now?

      • Because for the first time since early '08 season Kaz is showing good control and pitch efficiency and he did it for 2 straight starts. Yes, it was the minors and yes we need to see it at re big league level but his pitch efficiency and control appear to be back.

    4. leningan says:

      is there a report on what pitches he was throwing in these starts? i.e. has he gotten his slider back and is now putting people away? or, has he just been getting more balls (ground or fly) in play, avoiding the dreaded 5 foul ball at-bats?

      • 3 groundballs and 8 flyballs last night but Kaz is always going to be that way. His pitch count suggests not a lit of foul balls, but that could certainly change in the big leagues.

    5. David says:

      Happy to hear that Scott Kazmir is going to be back after being on the 1 1/2 year DL. His twin brother Scott Azmir(No K's) has been stinking it up the past year and a half.

    6. Scot says:

      Niemann has kept the Rays in the game far better than Sonny. Can we assume that unless Sonny dramatically improves, he is gone once he is eligible for arbitration?


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