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Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe is reporting (via MLB Trade Rumors) that Pedro Martinez has worked out for both the Rays and the Cubs and that both teams are interested enough to see how much Pedro will cost.

A source close to Pedro Martinez indicated tonight that both the Chicago Cubs and Tampa Bay Rays have watched Martinez throw in the Dominican and both teams have begun to at least explore how much money it would take to lure Martinez back to the mound.

Cafardo adds that Pedro is reaching 94 mph with his fastball. Last year his fastball averaged 89.4 mph.

Keep in mind that this report is coming from Pedro’s people which would jive with the notion that they are just using the Rays to drum up interest in the veteran.

But again we ask: If there is nothing to this story, then why have the Rays scheduled a second workout?

Cubs, Rays eye Pedro [Boston Globe]



  1. MikeD says:

    said what I have to say about this earlier, but this is an interesting from one of my RSox fan buddies: oh man, it was good to have him on our side, but throwing a 200 yr old man to the ground? That, was stupid (and totally hilarious) I'm Anti-Pedro. He was fantastic on the Sox. His arm was good for a while , but now? And he's a cancer in the dugout.

  2. bob guckenberger says:

    Could be the closer we need if he can throw 94mph heat for an inning. And a Zim/Pedro bobblehead would be dynamite!


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