The Rays Confidence Graph will appear every Thursday and is a look at how much confidence Rays fans have in the Tampa Bay Rays. The graph is designed to give us a look at how our emotional bias as Rays fans fluctuates through time. The “confidence” in the team is an inexact measure of how fans feel about the team’s current strength as well as how much confidence fans have in the franchise for the next 3-4 years. Notes on this week’s agida-level can be found after the graph..

Notes on the RI Confidence Graph…

  • The most common response for “Confidence in 2009 Rays” was 8 with 35.8%.
  • The most common response for “Confidence in future of franchise” was 9 with 40.2%.




  1. Jim says:

    This might not be worth your effort Professor, but I would like to see textual description of each number (e.g. - 0 = Worst team in MLB, 7 = Playoff Contender, 9 = ALCS Contender, 10 = WS Contender, etc.). For me, I sometimes go back and forth between some of the rankings because I'm not sure if a 10 means the Rays will be in AL contention, or WS contention or what.

    • We used to actually do it that way, but the problem was that the definitions lose meaning at some points. For example, if the Rays are in the world series like they were last year, by definition, the only choices would be 9 or 10. At that point 1-8 become meaningless. Also, let's say Rays are 20 back with a week to play, but are playing really well right then. You might have a lot of confidence, but they have already been eliminated from contention.

      So we figure, this way is safer as most people will use their own scale, but in general their scales will be consistent from week to week even if it differs from other people. So movement up and down is consistent. And really we are looking more at how these numbers change over time.


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