Amongst all the craziness that went down in the series finale with the Indians yesterday, was this little nugget in Marc Lancaster’s column (thanks Amanda). After Kerry Wood threw a second pitch at BJ Upton and the benches emptied, Pat Burrell was in the clubhouse and wanted to join his teammates on the field. There was one small problem…

“I didn’t like how that went down,” said Pat Burrell, who hurriedly threw on some pants and a jersey to join the scrum on the field that followed Wood’s second pitch.

Martin Fennelly added this great comparison to former Devil Ray ($18) Jonny Gomes.

Even Rays Pat Burrell, on his way to the DL (stiff neck) and in the clubhouse in a veritable state of undressed, ran onto the field as he pulled up his zipper and yanked on a jersey. It wasn’t even his jersey. In the old days, Jonny Gomes would have come out naked.

So we went to the video tape, and sure enough…

There is Burrell in the middle of the scrum.This image was snapped exactly 47 seconds after Joe Maddon first stepped out of the dugout yelling at Victor Martinez. And as we can see he is already mulling about in the middle so he has been there for a while.

A conservative estimate says that Burrell went from naked, to the middle of the scrum, in about 30-35 seconds [see update below]. That is a guy that has a lot of practice putting clothes back on very quickly.

He did manage to find his own jersey, but it is his batting practice jersey as you can see by the white side panels. Untucked, no cap, white sneakers and we are not even sure those are uniform pants. They seem too white and might be lacking the blue piping.

Of course, Burrell is on the DL with a neck injury, which begs the question: Why was Burrell not wearing any pants in the first place?

Pat Burrell caught with his pants down. Or as Pat calls it…Sunday.

[Update] Here is a second image that was snapped only 20 seconds after the yelling began and we can see Burrell running out of the dugout. Wow. Just wow.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Your second image is what I just saw on I saw the player streaking (so to speak) out of the dugout and assumed it was Burrell. Also, I heard Whitney Johnson say he saw it too on his first update at 1 p.m. on the Animal.

    After these, I also saw the first three out of the dugout were Crawford (wagging a finger at Martinez ... love that), Longoria and Pena. It's one thing when your role players are the first to maul someone (see: Gomes, Jonny), but when it's your best players ready to stand up for teammates, that's a really good sign.

  2. Rayhawk says:

    how come so many are saying he put on a jersey that wasn't his? If you look at the first photo, it's #5

    • I think it just got lost in translation after the game.

      When he was being asked, he probably said he couldn't his jersey, meaning he couldn't find his GAME jersey. The reporter took that to mean he used somebody elses. When in fact it is his, but it is his BP jersey.

      • Rayhawk says:

        great thanks, i know Im 57 but my eyes still work. I feel as though we have come to the fork in the road. My apologies to Carl Sandburg,but tonights game will tell a lot, we win we might be ok, we lose, ugh i dont know, means we cant keep momentum going, not good.

  3. Sublime says:

    Pat The Bat! This dude street-cred just jumped 10 notches! I luv it!

  4. MikeD says:

    Definitely gets the Gomes award for this one

  5. Brett says:

    I was at the game yesterday and during all the commotion my buddy says "who's that guy coming out of the dugout zipping up his fly?". Sure enough it was Burrell. His pants were barely on and he was pulling on a jersey.

  6. cougar says:

    I nominate pat the bat for team cougar...

  7. I'm glad we filled the hole left by Gomes over the offseason with Burrell. Rays fights make me happier than any other sort of fight, and I'm a huge hockey fan.

  8. Hal says:

    "Of course, Burrell is on the DL with a neck injury, which begs the question: Why was Burrell not wearing any pants in the first place?"

    Just letting you know, that's a woefully incorrect way to use the phrase "begs the question."

    • Actually, it is "begging the question" because I presume to know the answer even if it went unstated.

      It may seem woeful to a pedant such as yourself, but around here I don't care.

      • Hal says:

        Actually, it's not "begging the question" at all. It's got nothing to do with presuming to know the answer, however obvious it might be. You've used it incorrectly. "Begging the question" refers to circular reason and logical fallacies.

        For instance, if someone says that "A is true because B is true, and B is true because A is true" - That is an example of begging the question. But if you don't believe me, feel free to type it into the google machine and see what it spits out.

        • thank you for the lecture nobody asked for.

          I am well aware of logical fallacies and circular arguments

          I will type slower for you: A in this case, is the unstated assumption that Burrell was doing something naughty. B is he wasn't wearing pants which is being used to prove A. But is B because of A or is A because of B? Ha! a circle! Now if you will excuse me I have more important thing to tend to

  9. PhilsPhan says:

    this is not the first time that pantless pat the bat was caught. just ask this girl

  10. Dennis says:


    Pat Burrell fan 4-ever, Dennis

  11. Ashley says:

    I think it is funny.


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