php8gtD43We all know how Joe Maddon loves players that can play multiple positions. Now we learn from an interview with Gerry Hunsicker, that this will now be a point of emphasis in the minor leagues (talk about burrying the lead, you gotta scroll down for the interview).

Get used to seeing [Reid Brignac at second base] this season. In fact, get used to seeing lots of players at lots of positions…It turns out that Montoyo is actually executing the Rays’ overall organizational plan, which is all about versatility and flexibility: Tampa wants guys who can do multiple things. Except in the case of can’t-miss, blue-chip prospects, there is little emphasis on starmaking—a process which relies on locking a guy into a position and stubbornly keeping him there in the hopes that he’ll blossom in that greenhouse.

Later, Hunsicker discussed the 75-pitch limit that had been imposed on Bulls starters.

When asked about the 75-pitch, five-inning limit imposed on the Bulls’ starters…Hunsicker said that the Durham starters will be stretched out to 100 pitches as the season progresses. The exception, of course, is David Price, one of the few old-fashioned blue chips in the Rays’ portfolio. He’ll stay at his limit until further notice. Hunsicker, for his part, said that he’s in no hurry to recommend promoting Price. “Players tell you when they’re ready,” he said, via their performance and their demeanor.

It doesn’t take a Babelfish to understand that it is going to be a while before David Price is promoted.

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