Dr. Victor Martinez,

Apparently you were offended because you couldn’t throw out BJ Upton on the basepaths on Thursday night. And you did nothing but whine in the three games since.

And apparently you weren’t man enough to do anything yourself, so your manager had to bring in his closer down by 2 runs with the sole intention of hitting Upton. Something he couldn’t manage to accomplish. But you still thought you would get your words in by screaming obscenities at Joe Maddon.

For the sake of real baseball players everywhere…If you are going to act like a baby, please dress the part from now on.


Thank you,
The Professor,



  1. The only thing better than Kerry Wood not being able to close the deal on Bossman was Percy going out there... getting payback, getting the save, and not getting ejected. These teams play again next week the Jake. It's gonna be fun!

  2. Scot says:

    People who deserve negative recognition:
    * Wood - for throwing
    * Martinez for swearing at Maddon
    * The umps - all around - the first one was questionable, the second was not.
    * Kevin Kennedy - for getting all riled up and making claims about how the Umps "know" what is happening. If this is so, then there must be a conspiracy against the Rays.
    * Who ever suggested Wedge put Wood into the game just to hit BJ. How does one know for certain? Since it is impossible, making the suggestion simply fuel the flames.

    Sigh... weird game. Nice base clearing hit by Hernandez.

  3. Jason says:

    I got stuck watching the Cleveland broadcast of the game and their TV guys were just going on about how Upton deserved it and how he will think twice about running with a 9 run lead. I wasn't sure if they meant Thursday night when they were up big or some game last year...they utterly confused me. Then they were about the celebrate when the benches cleared and how that was how it was supposed to be taken care of. Very bizarre. They were really worked up about the umps...kept showing replays from the guy sliding into home under navi's tag from Friday and then were about to explode over the Crawford play. That next series up there could be really ugly.

    • KillaTapes says:

      He was referring to the first game when the Indians were up 9-zip and BJ stole 2nd and third and then scored. As if they're supposed to just lay down and play dead.

  4. Mark says:

    Next week if they get a bunch of runs on us, if BJ gets to 3rd, he should steal home. Just for lulz.

  5. Mike says:

    Victor Martinez has either a) some apparent, serious, deep-rooted anger issues or b) is roiding up with the best of them. Does any other player complain as much as this guy? He makes Youkilis look like a comformist! Look, from a fans point of view, I would be very angry at the Rays (with its firepower) if they layed down and did not attempt a comeback from 9 runs down. They proved the next day they can mount a comeback, especially with the Indians crappy group of pitchers. Should be crazy next week!


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