phpY83OYbDavid Price opens up his season tonight for the Durham Bulls.

One of the bigger questions heading into spring training was whether or not David Price would be able to win a spot in the rotation. Very early on we realized he was fighting an uphill battle. First it was his developing changeup, but more recently it was the need to gain better command of his fastball. In the end, Jeff Niemann was named the fifth starter and Price was back in Durham.

Now the question becomes: When will David Price be promoted to the Rays? Dirtbag Fan thought this sounded like the perfect premise for another contest. We agree.

Over at the home of The Rayshead Army on Facebook, we have set up a discussion thread asking this exact question. Your task, if you choose to accept, is to migrate over to that thread and give us the date you think David Price will be promoted to the Rays this season.

All we need is the month and day. In case the news breaks in the middle of the night, we will use the time stamp on Marc Topkin’s blog post reporting the promotion.

All guesses must be registered by midnight (Eastern) this Sunday. The person that guesses the closest to the actual date will win their choice of a T-shirt from the Rays Index Store. If more than one person is closest to the actual date, each person will receive a T-shirt.


CONTEST: Guess the date of David Price’s Promotion [RAYSHEADS on Facebook]





  1. Chris Wise says:

    Here's a "what if?" for you. What if Niemann really shows his stuff over a couple of starts? When Price comes up, who's he gonna push off the starting rotation?

    • That is the $25 thousand question. If Niemann is great, I doubt the Rays make a change. The Rays don't seem like the types to mess with a good thing

    • Joe D. says:

      I think that Wade Davis will be called up first, then Price. I also don't think that the Rays make a move until one of the SP's either (knock on wood) bet injured, need extended rest, or someone gets traded.

      But if I had to guess, I think based on the Rays comments from a year ago, I think Sonny is the guys that the Rays might "mess' with of Niemann establishes himself as a to of the rotation type guy. The Rays have mentioned before that they like Sonny's ability to warm-up quickly, and if you notice his demeanor hardly changes weather he's getting lit up or taking a 2-hit shutout into the 8th; I could see him getting moved to the 'pen if the need arouse.

      By the way I say May 10th, Sunday night baseball, Ray @ Red Sox, King David will be toeing the slab. I don't have a facebook, and don't have any intentions of getting one, so is someone want's to steal that by all means have at it.

      • Zip says:

        Facebook! That's when the whores come in. Whores running around, doing their behind-shake for the men-folk.

  2. SeanDubbs says:

    I'm going with May 23, due to an injury to one of our starting 5.

  3. Dave says:

    I'm going with July 20. The Rays are going to wait until someone in the NL is desperate for picthing to make a run at the playoffs and then trade someone for maximum value. Davis will get called up to spot start for injuries in the meantime. This maximizes Price's effectiveness down the stretch while keeping his inning count low, two things the Rays FO would look out for.

  4. Dirtbag Fan says:

    Sean & Dave.... pretty sure you're supposed to make those predictions over at Raysheads facebook:


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