In what will be the first of several contests this season, we are giving away two tickets, as well as consolation prizes to some Rays fans.

The Rayshead Army Photo Contest

THE CONTEST: We are looking for your best Rays photos. There are four categories including…

  • Tampa Bay Rays (photos of players, coaches or front office personnel). Photos can be action shots, funny, professional looking…whatever. If you think you have a good photo of the Rays we want to see it.
  • The Rayshead Army (photos of Rays fans). Photos can be funny or just a bunch of people wearing Rays gear having a good time or somebody trying to prove they are the biggest Rays fan. If you think you have a good photo of Rays fans we want to see it.
  • Photoshop (photos of Tampa Bay Rays with your best/funniest Photoshop adjustments)
  • lolRAYS (photos of Tampa Bay Rays with your own captions…if you are not familiar look here.)

THE RULES: All contest photos are to be submitted to The Rayshead Army facebook group.

  • Photos for the first two categories (Tampa Bay Rays, The Rayshead Army) must be your own photos. Do not just pluck images off of Google Image Search or Flickr. Photos for the last two categories (Photoshop, lolRAYS) can be photos found on the internet.
  • You must be a member of The Rayshead Army facebook group. If you are not a member, do not fear. It just takes an email address, sign up and then go to the group page HERE and click to join. Don’t worry, we won’t bombard you with emails. In the past year, there might have been 3-4 emails from us and there might be a way to block those.
  • On The Rayshead Army facebook page, just click “Add Photos.”
  • In the caption of the photo, enter which category the photo is to be entered (ie. Photoshop or lolRAYS)
  • The contest will run until the end of April.
  • A panel of judges will determine the winner of each category.
  • Only give us your best photos. Don’t upload 500 photos.

THE PRIZES: Two (2) tickets to a Rays game

  • The winner of each category will win one t-shirt of their choice from the Rays Index T-shirt store.
  • The winner of the grand prize will be selected at random from the winners of each category.
  • The grand prize winner will win two (2) tickets to a 2009 Tampa Bay Rays regular season home game. The winner will be able to choose from a handful of games.

So let’s see ‘em. We know a lot of you have great photos of the Rays and we want to see them.


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