It is never a good day when an writer takes a blog behind the woodshed as Rob Neyer did to Drays Bay. And it is definitely not a good day when an writer puts a blogger over his knee as Rob Neyer did to RJ Anderson.

Was Evan Longoria’s rookie season the best ever by a third baseman? Over at DRaysBay, R.J. Anderson says yes, it was…Well, it’s not true: Longoria’s rookie season was quite probably not the best ever. One problem that no one has solved yet: How do you write a computer program that identifies rookies?…I love the young bloggers. They’re our future. But sometimes old geezers like me and Furman Bisher bring a little something to the table, too.

We were all set to run a post defending Drays Bay (as we have done several times in the past), as it seemed as though Neyer had an agenda and it just so happened that Drays Bay wrote the wrong thing at the wrong time.

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