We updated the 25-man roster projection last week when we first heard about the Brian Shouse signing. Now that we know how much he is making, let’s update the 40-man.

40-Man Roster Projection
(notes and explanations on the projection can be found following the roster)…

Notes on the 40-man roster projection

  • Ages are as of today.
  • Shaded players are projected to be on the 40-man roster, but not on the 25-man roster.
  • There are currently 40 players on the 40-man roster.
  • Willy Aybar is the only remaining arbitration-eligible player. Salary for him was an educated guestimation based on contracts of similar arbitration-eligibles in the past few years. There are indications that the Rays are close to signing Aybar to an extension and avoiding arbitration.
  • The 40-man roster now projects to have 27 players on the 25-man roster. This is due to the belief that Troy Percival and Chad Bradford will begin the season on the DL. However, there are some suggestions that Percival might be ready by opening day. We are skeptical, but will keep a close eye on that situation.
  • As a Rule 5 draft pick, Derek Rodriguez must be on the major league roster or be offered back to his original team. We don’t see a spot for Rodriguez, but we think the Rays will work out a deal to keep Rodriguez in the organization. It would likely cost the Rays a low-level minor leaguer or cash.
  • The opening day payroll now projects to be $62.7 million, but we also need to include Rocco Baldelli’s buyout ($4 million). While not technically part of the payroll, it is a cost that cannot be ignored. That brings the projected payroll up to $66.7 million.
  • $62.7 million would have ranked the Rays 25th in payroll on opening day last year. The Rays opening day payroll in 2008 was $43.8 million.
  • The Rays project to have 17 players making at least $1 million.


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