We don’t even know where to go with this one and we are not sure we should even touch it without wearing gloves…

the sexy crimes is an “unofficial pat burrell fan page” run by two guys (yes, guys. but that’s OK, we don’t judge) from Vancouver, that have an inexplicable fear of capital letters, and an even more inexplicable title and banner (above). In their own words:

a blog dedicated to our love of the phillies with a special focus on ending the persecution of our boy pat “the bat” burrell

And lest you think they might retire their site now that Burrell has signed with the Rays. One of the young lads recently stalked Burrell at a golf tournament.

i followed pat perez for a few holes to see if i could spot the bat, but no luck.. so as he is coming off the 6th green i approach him and this convo goes down…[conversation with Pat Perez about Pat Burrell getting drunk someplace]…anyways, i spent a good portion of the day searching for the bat to no avail, but it was all worth it for that comment

When the Rays signed Burrell, we had no idea this is what they meant by “The Bait”. We are now officially scared.

we are still alive [the sexy crimes]


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  1. Prystline says:

    Ha Ha Ha... i'm a year late but this makes me want to start up the ol' blog again. Another ring for the bait.....and even better!!! he's only a short jaunt down the iggedy figgedy (I-5) now. HELLO!


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