In the past, we have stated that we have no desire to be a journalist. We love blogging about the Rays and consider the two endeavors to be beasts of a different feather (or whatever that cliche is).

But if you have a desire to be a journalist and love the Rays, has a job for you.

MLB. ​com, the Official Site of Major League Baseball, is seeking freelance and/​or full-time columnists and reporters to help cover Major League Baseball.​ We’re interested in candidates with solid reporting skills and a strong voice who are as well versed in writing about the sport off the field as they are about the games themselves.

Specifically, they are looking for somebody to write about the Rays, and maybe occasionally fetch Bill Chastain’s laundry.

Just think, maybe some day it will be your name in the “Webtopia” or maybe even the subject of your very own “Why Rays Columnists Suck.”

If anybody does apply for this position and hears back from we would love hear about how the process is handled.

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