Bugs and Cranks has a video of BJ Upton answering questions during a radio interview. Upton discusses a number of topics including his golf tournament, Philly fans, Hoootie and the Blowfish, Martin St. Louis and how his shoulder rehab is progressing.

Which brings up a point we have discussed elsewhere…Upton tore the labrum in his shoulder taking a swing. This was not the first time he has injured his shoulder on a swing. In fact, Upton says he has done this each of the last six seasons. This suggests that there is something about Upton’s swing that occasionally irritates his shoulder.

Even if Upton’s shoulder is 100%, what is going to keep this injury from occurring again?

We see two possibilities for Upton:

  1. Upton can change his swing to fix the flaw. The risk is he could lose the quickness and power in his swing.
  2. Upton can keep his swing as is. The risk is reinjuring his shoulder.

Both scenarios scare the living bejeezus out of us.

VIDEO: BJ Upton Disses Philly In Radio Interview [Bugs and Cranks]


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