Let’s use this post for minor updates on previous rumors we have heard from the winter meetings and other minor tidbits. Unless something new or substantial comes along, we will continue to update this post the rest of the day.

[Update: 3:09pm] According to Ken Rosenthal the Cardinals have offered Rick Ankiel to the Mariners for closer JJ Putz. No word yet on whether the M’s are considering the offer, but even if it is rejected this sheds some light on what the Cardinals are looking for in return for Ankiel.

[Update: 2:34pm] Marc Topkin chimes in on the Nelson Cruz and Jeremy Hermida rumors. Topkin says the Rays do not like Cruz enough to give up Edwin Jackson. Topkin also is skeptical about the report that the Rays “rejected” the Marlins trade proposal but adds “if the Marlins truly seek…two pitching prospects…they should have rejected it, given Hermida’s thus-far unimpressive numbers.”

[Update: 1:26pm] Mike Berardino is now reporting that the Marlins offered Jeremy Hermida to the Rays for two pitching prospects. The Rays rejected the offer and it appears that discussions are now dead and unlikely to be revisited. Berardino speculates that the two pitching prospects came from a list that includes Jeff Niemann, Wade Davis, Jeremy Hellickson and Mitch Talbot…Two of those pitchers? Wow, that was ballsy.

[Update: 12:24pm] Mike Berardino of the Miami Sun-Sentinel confirms the Rays interest in Jeremy Hermida but a source is telling him that it will take more than Edwin Jackson and that Andy Sonnanstine “would interest the Marlins.” Berardino says the Rays will first “exhaust several other offensive options.”

[Update: 11:23am] T.R. Sullivan is reporting that the Rays have interest in Nelson Cruz. Sullivan speculates that the Rangers are not likely to do the deal for Edwin Jackson. Cruz had a breakout season in 2008, hitting .342/.429/.695 with 37 home runs in 103 triple-A games and .330/.421/.609 and 7 home runs in 31 games with the Rangers. 2008 was his 8th pro season with four different franchises. (thanks bossman)

[Update: 10:36am] The Blue Jays are apparently looking into acquiring an infielder. Bob Elliot of the Toronto Sun (via MLB Trade Rumors) says Jason Bartlett is one player they have looked at…We wonder if the Rays have reached a level as contender where they would not trade within the division.



  1. James says:

    No way the Rays trade in the division and besides Friedman said it would take a blockbuster to move Bartlett. The Rays are REALLY not doing a blockbuster within the division.

    Nothing to see here.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Prof you might want to look into a rumor that the Rays are interested in Nelson Cruz. They mentioned it on draysbay, citing some Texas newspaper. And it also mentioned that the Rays are looking to trade Jackson (duh), so im thinking that they are infering that the rangers might want him. Further, according to someone at draysbay, they said Nolan Ryan said yesterday that they are looking to acquire a power arm.

    - bossmanjunior333

  3. Rays Party Leader says:

    They already have a Jason Bartlett, except his name John McDonald. He is one of the best defensive shortstops play in the majors.
    Agreeing with James that the Rays won't trade in the AL east unless it is a great deal.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Damn that sucks About Hermidia, I was salivating over getting hermida and signing Bradley. That Lineup is nasty.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wait, does that latest update mean the Rays could have had Hermida for Talbot and Niemann? Um, yes please.

  6. The Professor says:

    not necessarily. i think the guy knows it was "two pitching prospects" and just makes an educated guess as to who those prospects could be.

    I doubt it was Talbot and Niemann. I could see the Rays at least considering that. More likely the offer included Davis and/or Hellboy.

  7. stunna says:

    Awesome, keep the updates coming! I will be checking periodically throughout the day.

    I am really warming up to the idea of signing Bradley

  8. The Professor says:

    i am too. i have been doing some background on Bradley and his reputation is a lot worse than reality. He tends to get grouped with others like Bonds, but his teammates almost always have glowing reports.

    My big concern is just his health. The guy is always hurt.

  9. Anonymous says:

    God the Rays are so depressing. Did you guys used to post stuff like this when you were winning 60 games a year? Curse MLBtraderumors.com for letting my stumble across this site. Have fun battling with the Blue Jays for third this year. Congrats on the division title, but the teams that actually exist will fight for it this year.

  10. The Professor says:

    yawn. that was original. feel free to check the archives. we've been here a while.

    and you just showed your baseball ignorance if you think this team is a one-year wonder. i am not saying the Rays will win the division title again, but they will be a contender and i BEG you to find a national writer that says otherwise.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I wasn't aware that my opinion was wrong if national writers didn't agree. 10 minutes after the Rockies lost last year I looked at my buddy and predicted the Rockies would win 79 games this year. The "experts" had them pegged to be a contender again in '08.

  12. The Professor says:

    go back and check your math. most thought the Rockies were a fluke and caught a hot wave at the end of the season. if anybody thought they could repeat it was only because they play in a weak division.
    and there is nothing wrong with having a different opinion, but when it is a 1000 to 1 i'll put my money on the 1000.


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