John Perrotto of Baseball Prospectus reports on a rumor that the Rays may be involved in the stalled Jake Peavy trade talks, with the Rays interested in landing Brian Giles.

A wild rumor making the rounds is that the Rays might replace the Orioles as the third team to facilitate a trade that would send ace starter Jake Peavy from the Padres to the Cubs. Reportedly, the Rays would acquire veteran Brian Giles form the Padres to play right field. However, that seems doubtful, though, as Giles is a native San Diegan and has no desire to waive his no-trade clause.

The Braves and Cubs were deemed the front-runners for Peavy several weeks ago, but those deals seemed to hit an impasse. The Padres are in full sell-off mode and have made it clear they want to trade Peavy this winter, and reduce their payroll to $40 million. The Cubs appear to be the front-runner for Peavy, but may need a third team to get involved as they don’t appear to have the prospects to get the deal done.

Giles (.398 OBP, 136 OPS+ in ’08) is in the last year of a contract that will pay him $9 million in 2009 [Ed. note: As per the comments, Giles’ salary goes to $11 million in ’09 if he is traded]. Giles, who is from San Diego and has the right to veto any trade (10 year veteran, at least 5 years with current team), vetoed trades to the Red Sox and the A’s last season. It was believed that he would have vetoed a move to the Rays also. It was speculated that the Padres were trying to move Giles through waivers in order to work a deal with the Rays, but that the Red Sox blocked the move by filing a claim.

Giles recently said he doesn’t believe the Padres will try to trade him this winter, but might be open to being dealt during the season if San Diego is no longer in the race.

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  1. stunna says:

    Giles? No thanks. It's not worth paying him that kind of money when he's barely an upgrade over what we've got.

    If we give up a couple no-name prospects then it might be worth adding his salary, but I think there are much better cost-effective options out there.

  2. Robert Rittner says:

    Not so fast. In an extreme pitcher's park, Giles last year hit .306/.398/.456 with 40 doubles. His OPS+ was 136!

    He is also a contact hitter, striking out just 52 times in 559 ABs while walking 87 times. While the Ks alone may not be particularly significant, it would provide a bit of variety in a lineup that does strike out a lot.

    As such, he is a major upgrade over Gross or any current Gross/platoon partner RF option on the Rays. At $9 million, I am not sure there is a more cost-effective option available.

    Of course, whether he would be a good bargain does depend on what the Rays would have to give up, but dealing something more than "no-name" prospects would not be a bad idea. The real problem is that Giles would probably veto any trade to TB as he did last year a trade to Boston.

  3. The Professor says:

    The problem is the Padres want either young major league talent or prospects close to the majors. All of the Cubs best prospects are in the low minors. Pitching and maybe a shortstop.

    So. What are they going to want. Would Niemann and Brignac be good enough? Not likely. More likely they are looking for Sonnanstine.

    Are the Rays going to give up Sonny for a $9 million one-year rental? I don't see it happening unless the Padres eat most of the $9 million and even then I would think the Rays would need more.

    I guess I agree with both of you. I would love to stick Giles in RF everyday, he is a career .404 OBP and as RR pointed out, he can still OPS the crap out of the ball. but at what cost?

    How about Jackson and the Padres eat $2 million?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Giles would most likely be a type-A free agent next year, so he also comes with 2 first round draft picks.

  5. Charles says:

    Jackson for Giles, $2 million, and eventually 2 draft picks? I'd do that as soon as the offer was on the table. I'd even swap out Sonny for Jackson if they threw in a little more cash.

  6. Robert Rittner says:

    The Padres might be satisfied with Cedeno from the Cubs.

    Because the Padres seem anxious to cut their budget, they probably would prefer Sonnanstine to Jackson, but they might be amenable to something like Jackson/Talbot as the Rays part of the transaction.

    As I understand it, the Cubs already have 3 or 4 players the Padres would like, but feel they need another prospect to close a deal for Peavy. Given their desire to dump salary, it may not take all that much more to acquire Giles.

    Alternatively, the Rays might be able to deal directly with SD for Giles and by taking on the $9 million could find a match with Niemann or Brignac plus a lesser prospect or one deeper in the system.

  7. Robert Rittner says:

    Another thing that occurred to me is that the Padres seemed to drool over the speed and athleticism of the Rays' outfielders two years ago when we played them. Seems they feel that their huge outfield requires very speedy outfielders to help their pitchers. I wonder if Fernando Perez might interest them.

  8. stunna says:

    Wow, I'll admit I'm honestly surprised at Giles' numbers last year. Maybe I wasn't paying attention, but I thought he was hitting around .270, and clearly I was wrong. That changes my viewpoint a little

  9. Anonymous says:

    Don't forget that if Giles is traded, there is a clause in his contract that bumps his salary up to $11 million.

  10. The Professor says:

    thanks. completely forgot about that.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Also consider that this would be a 3 way deal, with the reason being the Cubs don't have enough ML ready talent. It wouldn't just be Sonny and Brignac, and we get Giles, while the Cubs get Peavy, if thats the case, then we could just deal directly. It would most likely mean we are sending the ML ready talent, and we would also get a low-A prospect from the Cubs.


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