• The AL Rookie of the Year Award will be announced today.
  • Rocco Baldelli spoke to the Providence Journal about this past season (probably the worst year of my entire life, and it ended up being one of the best years), and about his future. Rocco says he would be “just fine” playing in Boston but that he doesn’t have feelings for or against the idea. He also mentions that he could probably play 100 games in 2009 if he were a DH. [Providence Journal]
  • Contrary to one Rays website, Ken Rosenthal says the Mets are interested in Edwin Jackson and Andy Sonnanstine, but the Rays have yet to begin serious trade talks about either pitcher. Rosenthal also says that the Mets are just one of “many” clubs interested in obtaining one of the starting pitchers. [Fox Sports]
  • Her Rays is not crazy about any of the trades that are being rumored to date, and compares Nick Swisher to a trifle mixed with Shepherd’s Pie. [Her Rays]
  • Mets Today speculates on what it could take to land Edwin Jackson or Andy Sonnanstine. [Mets Today]
  • Buster Olney says that Jim Hickey wants the pitching staff to do nothing but rest for at least the next six weeks. Hickey does not want any of them to even touch a baseball until at least January. Olney provides several examples of pitching staffs that broke down the year after a postseason that went deep into October. Hickey is already planning on the pitchers making fewer appearances in spring training, which could lead to more pitchers in camp. [ESPN]
  • Joe Maddon was the 5th worst manager in baseball when it came to utilizing the intentional walk. Out of the 29 free passes issued by Rays pitchers in 2008, 8 times the opposing team would go on to score at least 2 runs in that inning. [Joe Posnanski]
  • Baseball Musings has their “Probabilistic Model of Range” for center fielders and BJ Upton comes in third in all baseball. [Baseball Musings]
  • Rounding the Bases compares Edwin Jackson and Andy Sonnanstine to see which is the better pitcher for the Mets. [Rounding the Bases]
  • The Whiz Kid’s Baseball Wisdom speculates on whether the Rays will trade Edwin Jackson or Andy Sonnanstine. [The Whiz Kid’s Baseball Wisdom]
  • Due to some confusion, David Price did not get to perform the coin toss prior to the Florida-Vanderbilt game, which apparently was a good thing. Price said he was more nervous about the coin toss than pitching in the World Series. [St. Pete Times]
  • Rays Prospects has the list of the top OPS performances from 2008 in the organization. [Rays Prospects]



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