One year ago on Rays Index, we learned that the Rays were planning a new alternate jersey to be unveiled in 2009. The jersey would feature “Tampa Bay” across the front, something not seen in either the home or road uniforms in 2008…We have since learned that if the Rays do introduce an alternate jersey for 2009, the team has altered its plans and the jersey will not have “Tampa Bay” across the front.

Rays To Feature Alternate Jersey In 2009 With “Tampa Bay” Across The Front [Rays Index]



  1. Peter says:

    Suck! I really want our away uniforms to say Tampa Bay. I hate it when teams don't have the city on their away uniforms.

  2. WiNKy Oconklin says:

    complete bullshit.

    so is this some busch league way of saying they might move the team? or they can't afford it? i'm about to go into an epileptic seizure with fuck head decisions.

    i for one am proud of where i grew up, and not to have 'Tampa Bay' across at least one freakin' jersey's chest is a complete insult. Don't expect more fans to commit to the Devil Rays when you half-ass shit like this. example: building a 10+ million dollar manta rays tank in right field... then only to say a fuck year later we aren't devil rays anymore, but rays of fuckin' sunshine in a dome. Its just like Indiana Jones 4: Who the fuck thought that monkey bullshit was a good idea. & if so How the fuck does no one else step in to stop it.

  3. stunna says:

    Peter and Winky are right on the money. The away uniforms should say Tampa Bay, they should have from the start. And I hate this double entendre thing with the "Rays" we have going. Are we a devil/sting/manta ray, or are we a sunray? Stick with the fish and ditch the stupid sunburst bullshit. Whose bright idea was that? Like Winky noted, we play in a DOME.

  4. stunna says:

    Also, what is more intimidating, a Devil Ray, or a Sunshine Ray? Seriously, how gay does that make us look...


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