In game 3 one member of The RAYSHEAD Army received national attention when he caught Evan Longoria’s home run ball while sitting above the Green Monster at Fenway Park.

We caught up with Michael Aguis and asked him a few questions about the home run that pissed off the Red Sox Nation.

RI: Monster seats are among the most coveted seats for a Red Sox game. How does a diehard Rays fan end up with Monster seats for an ALCS game?

MA: The guy sitting to the right of me (who dropped it) is a good friend of mine (and a Red Sox fan), and he had a connection to get them. We had gone up to Fenway about 4 years ago to see a D-Rays/Sox game, so he knows I am a real fan.

RI: Did you attend the game with the Red Sox fans sitting next to you? What was their reaction to you ending up with the home run ball?

MA: Yes. They thought it was pretty funny. They are not typical chowds. I stayed with the couple to the left of me.

RI: What was the reaction of the Red Sox fans near you? Any memorable one-liners?

MA:All of Fenway that day was very low-key, but the Green Monster Seats had a very corporate crowd. MUCH nicer fans than the bandwaggoners who come down to the Trop, I think either they didn’t really care about the game, or were too pissed to be down 5-0 to worry about me. I have felt more intimidated at a UF-Vandy game in Nashville! BTW: Speaking of the bandwagoning Pink Hat Nation, look at the third picture down on this old Sports Guy column from 2002 blasting the D-Rays. The seats are empty. BUT NO RED SOX NATION, either!!

RI: One Red Sox website was upset with how much fun the lady next to you seemed to be having during the game and questioned her loyalty…Any chance we can get her to wear a Rays cap and a blue scarf next time?

MA: I saw that site. Her and her husband share season tickets with friends down the 3rd base line. I can call her and ask her to…She is a good sport.

RI: When did you first realize that you were a story that lots of people were talking about?

MA: Within 30 seconds, I got about 10 texts. I knew the cameras would be up there if one was hit.

RI: Were there any stories about you and the home run that you thought were particularly funny/weird/memorable?

MA: The funny story is that I told everyone for a week that if a Red Sox player hit a HR up there, and I caught it, I, in my Rays jersey, would throw it back, and give some attention to the Rays and our fans. I was warned by my friend on the train ride up not to do it. I think this was better.

RI: Is this the most embarrassing photo that has ever been taken of you?

MA: It would have been if we lost.

RI: Since the national attention, do you now regret not having a mohawk?

MA: I regret not staying in Boston last night for the real beating.. I’m not sure a Rayhawk would fly at work, but I am growing a lucky beard – stopped shaving the day we clinched. I grew one for the Gators when they won the BCS, the Final Four, and for the Giants when they won the Super Bowl. I call it the Billy Barool, like Judge Smalls’ lucky putter in Caddyshack.



  1. Anonymous says:

    You the Man Aguis.. Way to Represent!!! - AP

  2. PTownFan says:

    Yah A-Ray. Feel the love!

  3. Anonymous says:

    St Petersburg, Fl-- Presidential Candidate Barack Obama praised the Tampa Bay Rays today, and is stated as putting them at the head of his new energy plan "With all the fans hoping on the Bandwagon at once, the use of personal automobiles has dropped significantly in the Tampa Area" Obama stated "At this rate, the entire Pinellas and Hillsborough county populations will be on board, cutting energy use down in a city in which people don't have that much energy to begin with".

    While he can't aruge the bandwagon hoping is good for the economy and for energy comsumption, Rival John McCain warned voters of Obama's ideals for the Rays. "Sure, they are all on board now, and riding that wagon strong, but this is Tampa" McCain stated " How many Lightning fans from a year ago can list off this years roster?". The American population will have to wait until November 4th to find out. One Voter who has made up his mind though is David Ortiz. " I don't wish anything wrong or bad upon anyone" said the sox slugger " and that's why I'm voting Obama, he has a better health care plan, and those fans are going to get hurt falling off that bandwagon".

  4. The Professor says:

    "bandwagon hoping"?

    i stopped reading because I have no idea what that means.

  5. The Professor says:

    here is how it works. I see "comment by anon", then I read the first 2-3 words and I can tell right away that it is the same ignorant commenter. And then I click "delete". It takes all of about 1.3 seconds. And every time it adds a smile to my face. And I have absolutely no idea what you are typing.

    So keep going. I don't care. It's your dime.

  6. Elijah's 6th Love Child says:

    what is it about the Red Sox that attracts the absolute lowest class of human beings?


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