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THE GOOD: Tough lefty? Carl Crawford is 9-19 (.474) in his career against Jamie Moyer. Carlos Pena is 10-20 (.500) with 3 doubles and 2 home runs. Matt Stairs (1-10) is the only Phillie that has ever faced Matt Garza, but is unlikely to face him tonight.

THE BAD: Having to explain to people that we will be late to a Halloween party because of the World Series even though they promise to have the game on. Don’t care. We need to focus. This is too important.

THE TELLING: Forecast is now saying that the rain should have already passed by game time, with rain up until about 6pm and only 20% chance of rain during the game. You can get hourly updates here…The Rays were 6-3 in NL ballparks this season.


  • The Delaware News-Journal (Phillies country) compares the long-suffering fans of the Rays and Phillies and what this World Series means to each. The story includes some quotes from some Rays fans including some bloke named Cork Gaines. Wonder where they found that guy? [Delaware News-Journal]
  • Peter Gammons compares the Rays and Phillies bullpens. Joe Maddon says the key to building a bullpen without a top-notch closer is to find 4-5 guys that are not afraid of pitching in the 9th inning and 4-5 guys that are capable of coming into a game, finishing an inning and then going back out to at least start the next inning. Interestingly, Maddon says he can see Jake McGee filling those needs once he comes back from Tommy John surgery. [ESPN]

Price obviously is going into the Tampa Bay rotation next season, but look for the Rays to take a big, hard-throwing lefty like Jake McGee — who is coming off Tommy John surgery — to try that role. Maddon says McGee throws harder than Price, and he sees McGee being used in important roles out of the pen once he learns how to pitch, sit and pitch again.

  • Ahhh Phillies Fans. [Big League Stew-Video]
  • Joe Maddon admits that the game is more difficult to manage without a DH. Bill Chastain also mentions that while Andy Sonnanstine and Scott Kazmir can handle a bat well, Matt Garza is a very poor hitter. [MLB]
  • Paul White of USA Today says the ballpark is not nearly as important as the pitching matchups and the Rays have the advantage. [USA Today]
  • The Rays relievers are going to have to deal with a raucous crowd near the bullpen. [LA Times]
  • Ronald Blum takes a look at the Rays bullpen and notes that unlike most teams, the Rays’ relievers do not have defined roles. []
  • Not a single Tampa Bay Ray was named to the Sporting News’ American League All-Star team. [Halos Happenings]
  • Carlos Pena calls Akinori Iwamura “one of the best players we’ve ever seen.” High praise indeed. [Chicago Tribune]
  • Piper Castillo takes a look at what is on Fernando Perez’ nightstand. [St. Pete Times]
  • Dueling Couches is none too happy that the media are talking about David Price so much. We are assuming they were just as hard on the media with Joba Chamberlain last year and Francisco Rodriguez back in 2002. Because apparently it is not impressive to record the final 4 outs of an ALCS game 7 win against the Red Sox and then record the final 7 outs of a World Series win. All after having started the year in single-A. [Dueling Couches]
  • Despite solid game 1 numbers, game 2 received the second-lowest ratings ever for a World Series game. [Awful Announcing]
  • Bob Verdi of the Chicago Tribune says this World Series is worth watching and that nobody need feel sorry for the fat cats running the television industry. [Chicago Tribune]
  • A tour of Joe Maddon’s office…Love the quote of about the wine and Joey Gathright. [VIDEO]
  • Some pics of game 2 from a fan in the seats. [The Serious Tip]
  • The success of the Rays has even boosted the local cigar industry. [Cigar Review]


  1. TP says:

    Let's get the anti-rain dance going.

  2. DirtbagFan says:

    Looks like the weather channel is now calling for a 100% chance of rain from now until after midnight... GRRRR !!!

  3. Scot says:

    Prof - great video of Joe Maddon's office. I'm was interested in finding a copy of Joe's favorite baseball picture. If you want to see it from the source:

    Brian Cassella, the photographer, explains how he was able to shoot this image.

  4. PTownFan says:

    Prof, if it looks like a night of intermittent rain delays, any chance of a last minute starting pitcher change... say EJax... so we don't burn Garza? Or is that "just not done" because of the ripple effect it would have.

  5. The Professor says:

    regular season? Maybe. During the playoffs I think u just gotta hope for the best. But if there is a lengthy delay and they make a switch the benefit is garza will b fresh in game 7

  6. TP says:

    Wow, what is with the awful backup programming Fox and TBS have?

    Til Death? I don't think we know how good we had it with the Steve Harvey Show.

  7. Luis says:

    looks like thier gonna start the game late from 10-11

    wow, btw i think the winner of this game most likely wins the series and that a tampa bay win could deflate philly a considerable amount knowing they lost at home in a series where ahome loss for philly means going back to hostile st. pete where they frankly should have left trailing 0-2

  8. Luis says:

    gonna go take a shower and then go to sleep,horendous 1st inning already and here we go again w/ the dramatic defesive innings, game over, series over frankly

    hope i eatcrow, but i doubt it that homer in the1st inning of the series will prove to be the downfall

  9. PTownFan says:

    Gotta believe Luis. Got us this far. I think Matt just needs an inning or two to settle down. They've been at the park forever ya know... He's wired a little tight.

    CC just doubled to lead off the 2nd. Things lookin up already !!!

  10. Luis says:

    2-1 and theyre outhitting us and our "big bats" ave been sad this series, i don't see a light and im SICK AND TIRED of these 2 out runs

  11. Luis says:

    gonna tick off a lot of rays fans here, but:

    yep just watched the pathethic 1-2-3 top of the 4th and this game and the series are over

    i just want to say that i'd rather lose 100 games then watch the media get off on us coming up short and that this is a dissapointing, heartbreaking season

    longoria and upton have SUCKED in this series and that homer in the 1st inning of the series off the overated kazmir will ultimately be our downfall, the rays will lose in 5 and it'll be just like the 06 series all over again where st louis stole a road win and went on to win 4-1

    it sucks and again i hope i eat crow but this will be my last ever comment this series unless they take a series lead, this game and this series are OVER you hear me you people in denial its OVER start making the al champions 2nd place rings

    like i said winner of this game wins the series and guess what we ain't winning this game and we ain't winning the series

    buh-bye off to sleep to get this pessimism of a heartbreaking season to go away

  12. Luis says:

    if that homer turned pop-up doesn't show you it's over you people need to realize it, the clock has struck midnight and the series is OVER

    get w/ me in reality and start thinking about the football/hockey season

  13. Possum Avenger says:

    hey luis,

    i think i speak for everyone when a say shut the fuck up. If you had actually watched the regular season you would understand this series is very, very far from over. As is this game.

  14. Possum Avenger says:

    luis --

    where you at now motherfucker? I hoped you stopped watching so you didn't get to see Beej dominate right there.

  15. Possum Avenger says:

    JP Howell owns. strikeout, pickoff, strikeout. Did i mention those two strikeouts came against utley and howard. BOOOOOOMMM

    Luis, you suck.

  16. Luis says:

    told yah

    OVER, start making those 2nd place rings...

  17. Luis says:

    hey luis,

    i think i speak for everyone when a say shut the fuck up. If you had actually watched the regular season you would understand this series is very, very far from over. As is this game.

    guess what clown ive watched this team since they lost 100 games ok, and ive watched every world series and i know when a series is over and guess what ITS OVER

  18. Possum Avenger says:


    I seriously doubt you watched a game before september. You're a pathetic frontrunner. Your baseball knowledge is laughable

  19. captain obvious says:

    No series has ever been won in 3 games.

  20. The Professor says:

    no apologies. just bustin your balls. let's score some runs!


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