THE TELLING: There was a lot of discussion as to whether Eric Hinske or Fernando Perez would be left off the roster in the ALCS. We are not sure why it was even a question. Joe Maddon needs Perez on the roster. When Jon Lester starts for the Red Sox, Rocco Baldelli is the Rays right fielder, if he is ready to play the field. If Rocco can’t go, it will be Perez in right field…We would never want Joe Maddon’s responsibility to tell Troy Percival he is not on the ALCS roster. But could you imagine how much worse it would have been if the opponent was Percy’s former ballclub, the Angels?


  • Edwin Jackson has been added to the ALCS roster as the 11th pitcher. To make room, Eric Hinske was removed. This leaves Fernando Perez on the roster. [The Heater]
  • Sweet. Fancy. Moses. Her Rays asked for it and now a Spa in the Bay Area is delivering. Rayhawks for women. Be sure to catch the end of the video. [Bugs and Cranks]
  • Joe Maddon addressed the media. Among the questions was when Maddon thought the Rays turned the corner this season. He pointed to the Blue Jays series after the all-star break after the Rays had lost 7 in a row and everybody was predicting an end to that “nice story”. [MLB]
  • Here is a transcript of James Shields meeting with the media. [MLB]
  • This may be satire, but at least one member of the Red Sox Nation remembers that the Sox sucked for 86 years and that winning the World Series is not a birthright. [Over The Monster]
  • Several people suggested this for the ALDS. The Rays will have 11 original season-ticket holders throw out the first pitch for game 1 of the ALCS. Dick Vitale will do the honors in game 2…There is a nice symmetry to the number 11. It is the number of wins needed to win the World Series. [Rays Report]
  • If the Rays win the ALCS, the Red Sox writer at Bugs and Cranks will have to cut his hair into a Rayhawk…Game On! [Bugs and Cranks]
  • One computer simulation says the Red Sox have a slight edge in the series, winning 53% of 10,000 simulations. [Fire Brand of the American League]


  1. Anonymous says:

    Prof, please comment on the starting pitching matchup for the ALCS. I'm getting a bit worried.

  2. The Professor says:

    i will have a little more on this tomorrow in the Pepper segment. But i think the matchups are set pretty well for the Rays.

    1. advantage Rays. Shields will keep the Rays in the game. Dice-K will walk the park and will beout by the 6th.

    2. Even. Beckett has a strong postseason track record but he is battling an injury and was not that good in the ALDS and really hasnt been that great all year. I have a funny feeling that Kazmir broke through after the first inning of his ALDS start. Still, could go either way.

    3. Advantage Red Sox. Lester might be the Red Sox best pitcher and he is a lefty. It is the first game in Fenway. a lot going against the Rays in this one.

    4. Advantage Rays. Sonny was solid against the Red Sox in both his september starts. And the Rays hit Wakefield pretty good this season. the only thing that makes me nervous is all of Wakefields starts against the rays were in the Trop. could be tougher in Fenway.

    5. same as game 1.

    ultimately i think the Rays will win games 1 and 4. Games 2 and 3 will either be a split or 2 wins for Boston. If the Rays win 1 of those games, they will be up 3-2 heading back to the Trop for game 6.

    if they lose both (2 and 3) they will probably be down 3-2 and need both games at the Trop to win the series.

    So it comes down to games 2 and 3. The Rays just need a split.


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