From XM MLB Chat we get the story of a caller to 1010AM radio in Tampa in which a Rays fan told host Bobby Fenton that he was not allowed to a wear a t-shirt at the Trop last night that said “Red Sox Suck”.

Caller to 1010AM radio in Tampa, big Rays fan, went to game last night, was told by stadium personnel he could not wear the t-shirt. The fan was quite upset, wondered if management even knew this policy was being perpetrated. Said the Rays are very family-oriented and want a kid-friendly atmosphere, hence frowning on controversial t-shirts. 1010 host Bobby Fenton empathized with the fan, who also noted the place was awash in Red Sox fans, huge cheers when Youkilis came to the plate, almost nothing when Evan Longoria came up. Fan would’ve liked to have more Rays’ spirit with inclusion of t-shirt.

So Red Sox fans can say whatever they please, but Rays fans can’t wear a T-shirt that features a word you would probably hear 12 times in every episode of Sesame Street?

Considering our “Buck Foston” shirts are among our best sellers, we are certain those have made numerous appearances at the Trop this season. Has anybody been told they were not allowed to wear the shirt?

And if “Boston Sucks” is so bad, why is THIS GUY, not only admitted to the game, but sitting next to Todd Kalas and getting his shirt on TV?

Tampa Rays fan not allowed to wear “Red Sox suck t-shirt” at Trop [XM MLB Chat]



  1. Kim says:

    I'm sure you don't want or need my opinion but I'm talking as a fan here.

    I really think that the Rays need to rethink that decision. Those tee shirts create a lot of fan participation and comradery. Something the Rays need more of.

    Yes, it's a bit vulgar for a child maybe but seriously, kids hear and say much worse.

    I say let them wear what they want! We're in a pennant race after all and Lord knows the Rays need the stands filled with screaming fans. Amazing that they turned away a fan showing team spirit!

  2. The Professor says:


    i am really surprised that this happened. I have seen much worse at sporting events.

  3. Chalk says:

    I saw this too and was disappointed. Whether it was an overzealous security dude or an actual policy, the message for Devil Rays fans should be clear:

    Just like in high school, if you're going to wear something offensive, wear something over it until you're safely inside.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I can recall visiting Baltimore during the mid-90s for a game, and there were a couple of Oriole fans that were proudly wearing "Cito Sucks" t-shirts that I guess were hot sellers in '89 when Toronto and Baltimore had that great pennant race. I don't think that those shirts were frowned upon to my recollection

    ...on the other hand, I do remember a story out of Seattle earlier this decade about a similar ban that was placed on T-shirts that had "Yankees suck" written on them.

    ...maybe it's a matter of what is or isn't acceptable changing over the years...

  5. Lauren says:

    Welcome to my world - whenever the Sox come to Baltimore, O's fans are always outcheered by those bandwagon Sox fans. Also, O's fans are continuously told by ushers that they have to sit down/settle down (while the O's are rallying or doing something good), so as not to be disruptive to other fans (mostly sox ones). Horrors that we actually cheer for our own, HOME team.

    I can't stand the Red Sox or their bandwagon fans - here's hoping Tampa holds on to the division, and kicks Boston out of the playoffs (if it comes down to the 2 of them)!


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