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THE GOOD: Ben Zobrist. Is this guy’s blood being checked? Zorilla went deep twice yesterday, including a shot to straightaway center field that is a rare sight in Comerica Park.

THE BAD: Scott Kazmir. Has there ever been a more disappointing 12-8, 3.49 season? Only Kazmir can make Ramon Santiago look like Ben Zobrist. Santiago entered the game with 1 home run this season. For his career, he had hit 1 home run every 138 at bats. Kaz serves up 2 gopher balls to the most unlikely of batters. It is the equivalent to Jason Bartlett hitting 2 home runs in 1 game. Should never happen. And once again, Kazmir was repeatedly looking back down at the mound after pitches indicating that he was once again struggling with his landing foot…1:05 starts one day after playing a night game in Baltimore. Why? Senior citizen day. Seriously.

THE TELLING: According to Baseball Prospectus the odds of winning the AL East are now 98.0%, so let’s not panic…The Twins won again last night, completing a sweep of the White Sox and moving a half-game ahead of Chicago. At this point the ideal scenario for the Rays is to have the teams end up within a half-game of each other after Sunday. This would force the White Sox to make up a game on Monday against Detroit. If the Sox and Twins are tied after the makeup game, they will be forced to play a 1-game playoff on Tuesday. After the game, the winner will have to immediately travel to St. Pete to take on the Rays on either Wednesday or Thursday…The Angels won again, making the magic number for the Angels to clinch the best record 1.


  • If you or somebody you know has been a season ticket holder since the inaugural season, can you please drop me a line HERE. Thanks.
  • Joe Maddon was impressed with the outing by Troy Percival, but wants to get him into tonight’s game to see how he handles back-to-back games, before deciding about the post-season roster…Also Carl Crawford could be reinstated from the DL today to be used as a pinch-runner and defensive replacement. Still no word on when he will be able to start swinging a bat. [St. Pete Times]
  • Wow. Neil Johnson of the Tampa Tribune wrote a story about Rays fans being disappointed having to wait for a Division Title. The first three paragraphs are about a dog that did not get his favorite treat because the Rays lost a game. Really? A dog? It is bad enough that many think the Rays don’t have any fans, but you start a story about Rays fans and you begin with a friggindog?…We can’t make this shit up. [Tampa Tribune]
  • Mohawks on girls? Her Rays has an…um…an…well…gosh…you see it’s…we…oh lord. We’ll just let her tell you. [Her Rays]
  • Well, this was only a matter of time…Eva Longoria, Rays fan (we had to read this three times before we realized it might not be a joke). [Orlando Sentinel]
  • Clearwater mayor Frank Hibbard, mohawk fan (if the Rays make it to the World Series). [St. Pete Times]
  • Urban Meyer, Rays fan. [St. Pete Times]
  • Ronald Blum takes a look at how Stuart Sternberg went from Mets fan to the owner of the Rays. [Yahoo! Sports]
  • John Romano is worried about which Scott Kazmir will show up in the post-season…Aren’t we all…aren’t we all. [St. Pete Times]
  • The Rays slay the Yankees…In poetry. [The Hardball Times]
  • Marc Topkin has his list of the top 10 games from this season. [The Heater]
  • We tried to follow along with this couple, but we got confused at “Aki“. [VIDEO]
  • Tom Jones gives us a semi-sarcastic (we think) look at who should throw out the first pitch. [St. Pete Times]
  • Anybody that thinks a division title celebration will be muted because of the previous celebration, think again. [Tampa Tribune]


  1. Chalk says:

    Cork --

    I'm pretty sure that Eva Love The Devil Rays story is old news. Their source mentions Eva sending Evan a bottle of champagne -- which was reported at least a month or two ago (I wanted to say right after the all-star game). Unless she sent a second bottle, I think the only news there if any is that EvaN sent Eva a D-Rays T.

  2. steve-o1285 says:

    Never knew Eva was so into Vero Beach.

  3. Anonymous says:

    " The Twins won again last night, completing a sweep of the White Sox and moving a half-game ahead of the Rays."

    Don't you mean a half-game ahead of the White Sox?

  4. The Professor says:


    my editors are sooooo fired


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