Marc Topkin reports that when Joe Maddon was asked who would start the second game of a September 23rd double-header against the Orioles, he said a decision had not been made, but did note that the Orioles “have a lot of left-handed guys that are pretty good.”

The only left-handed starter that would be available to start that game is David Price, the top pick from the 2007 draft. The only other option would seem to be Jeff Niemann, a right-hander.

The problem with this scenario is what Price does between now and then. Price made his final minor league appearance on September 9th. If he does not make an appearance prior to facing the Orioles, that would be 14 days without facing opposing hitters.

More likely, the Rays will promote Price and have him make a few appearances out of the bullpen to keep him sharp. A promotion could happen as early as today, or the Rays may choose to wait until after the Bulls have concluded their series. The Bulls trail 2-0 in the best-of-5 with game 3 tonight.

Earlier this week, Price was named USA Today’s Minor League Player of the Year.

Rays alter rotation [St. Pete Times]


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  1. Chris in Raleigh NC says:

    Another possibility is that if (big if) the Bulls win today (Friday), then the Bulls are out of effective starters for game five. Would think that Montoya would love the option of "start by committee" by using Price (who started Wednesday), Cummings, and Phillips in short stints rather than depending on Hendrickson whose ERA has really ballooned up in recent weeks (4.58).


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