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In an poll from Friday, respondents were asked: What will be the season-ending outcome for the Red Sox and Yankees? They were given 4 options…

  • Both make playoffs
  • Both miss playoffs
  • Red Sox in, Yankees out
  • Yankees in, Red Sox out

As you can see in the results, 5% of respondents feel both the Yankees and the Red Sox will make the playoffs. In other words…5% of people that respond to polls are idiots.

Here we go again…In order for both the Red Sox and Yankees to make the playoffs, the Rays would have to miss the playoffs, somehow finishing behind the Yankees in the standings. The Rays have a 10.5 game lead on the Yankees with 35 games remaining (the Yankees have 34 games left). If the Rays won just 17 of their 35 games, they would finish with 95 wins. In order for the Yankees to win 95 games they would have to finish 27-7. It is just not going to happen.

This is why the Rays have a 96.6% chance of making the playoffs and the Yankees are only at 2.6%. And the 3.4% chance the Rays miss the playoffs? That is taking into account the possibility that both AL Central teams and the Red Sox pass the Rays. A much more plausible scenario than the Yankees passing the Rays.

SportsCenter: AL Gets 5 Playoff Teams? [Bugs and Cranks]



  1. Jesus Shuttlesworth says:

    Did Joe Maddon really have his identity stolen recently? I need to know the story behind that identity theft commercial.

  2. Scot says:

    Prof - I enjoy the blog and the comments, but I'm frustrated that my comments or others often are "lost" as we move on to another topic, or multiple topics, each day.

    So what forums do people frequent? I looked at a few - many are jokes (few comments) or have useless comments ("Devel (sic) Rays suck").

    Baseball fever was the closest to the best.... any thoughts?

    Best at bat for tonight's game - Aki's bases loaded 12 pitch walk that scored a run. So important - I thought was the difference, though Pena's hit did lead to more runs.

  3. The Professor says:


    yes he did. i don't know much other than Maddon had some quotes saying somebody got a credit card in his name and charged some gas. sounds like they caught it pretty early.


    i am not much of a forum participant. i read raysbb and draysbay and message boards to get a sense of what fans are thinking/saying, but i rarely comment myself

  4. Scott says:

    This is dumb. Ever think that the 5 percent consists of Red Sox fans? Dumb.


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