C’mon, you guys knew this was coming eventually…There is a general sense amongst some of our readers that all we do is bash the Rays media coverage. The truth is we actually admire most of the working media and respect most of their work. We just get a sense that the Rays media coverage can at times be lazy. Just because the Rays were a second-class team for many years doesn’t mean we as fans deserved second-class coverage. So while our frustration can manifest itself at times on this site, we want to know what you guys think of various members of the Rays media coverage. Next up…St. Pete Times columnist John Romano

Romano, a St. Pete native, has been with the Times since 1985 and has been a columnist for the past 6 years. According to Romano’s bio, he wants to be the “companion you would want on the next bar stool,” and “wants to share the stories beyond the images: the emotion and the motivation; the disappointments and the successes; the heartbreak and the humor.”

Only once have we been very critical of Romano. That was last season when Romano referred to Delmon Young as a “petulant brat” because Young would not speak with Romano.

Romano did show us back in March that 88 wins was not an unreasonable prediction for the Rays. As of today, the Rays are on pace for 99 wins. But we were a little perplexed that he would compare the Rays to the ’07 Rockies, as if Colorado had invented low-payroll success. And he was too hard on the Rays when he called the team “spineless” for deciding not to release Elijah Dukes last June.

Romano did co-author one of our all-time favorite columns about the Rays. A format we wish he would bring back.

So: Do you like John Romano? And let’s hear your reasons in the comments…



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