If the Tampa Bay Rays win the World Series this year, everybody gets a free pizza. But there is a catch…You have to go to Lakewood, Colorado.

A pizzeria in a Denver suburb is offering free pizza to anybody that wants one, if the Rays win the World Series this season. Seem like a long-shot? Well, John Keiley has offered free pizzas based on sporting results twice in the past and both times he had to pay up.

He made his first such deal in June 2007, offering free pizza in the unlikely event his hometown Rockies swept the Yankees.

They did, and Keiley gave away 2,500 pizzas — at a cost of about $12,000.

As football season kicked off, he figured he would do it again: Free pizza if any NFL team went 16-0. The New England Patriots did. So on a Sunday in January, Keiley gave away about 1,500 pizzas.

In response to this unusual declaration of support for our beloved Rays, we are hereby declaring…If the Tampa Bay Rays win the World Series this year, we will fly to Colorado and gladly collect our free pizza.

Rays win Series? Pizza for all [St. Pete Times]



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