Updates will be limited over the next day or two. Mrs. Professor seems to think I need to hang out with friends and family just because they came all this way for some silly ceremony.


  • Evan Longoria was named AL Player of the Week. [MLB]
  • Conveniently, Rocco Baldelli has come down with a strained groin allowing the Rays to send Rocco out on a new 20-day rehab assignment since this is a new injury. [Tampa Tribune]
  • Joe Maddon said that he is not concerned about the yelling match with Troy Percival on the mound in the 9th and that it was not unexpected. [MLB]
  • Carl Crawford says that his knee is better but that it is not 100%. [MLB]
  • The New York Sun says that Yankees fans should worry. Boston and Tampa Bay are the class of the division and will be for years to come. [New York Sun]
  • The Boston Herald calls the Rays “the best team in baseball.”…Well, they beat the Sox and lead the division, they must be the best team. [Boston Herald]
  • Rays Homeplate says the Rays “will play in October.” [Rays Homeplate]
  • Everybody wants to be the Rays now. [Pittsburgh Tribune-Review]


  1. Charles says:

    The local news/talk radio station had a poll up on their website all day yesterday through this morning that asked "Which team is a bigger threat to the Red Sox: Rays or Yankees?". Final results this morning were Rays 68%, Yankees 32%. The poll was put up yesterday morning before last night's game.

  2. Steve says:

    If you want a good read, go to the debate article on ESPN by Jayson Stark. Every Rays supporter seems to be well-spoken and constantly makes good points. Meanwhile, Red Sox fans throw out false information and ridiculous comments. Stark does a great job of setting them straight.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The best record in baseball is a lot different than the best team in baseball. It's important to show class and "act like you've been there before." Nothing matters until the end of September.

  4. The Professor says:

    I suppose that red sox fans for the last 4 years have acted "like they have been there before"?

    if there was ever a fanbase that acted with less class, I don't know it.

  5. Jim says:

    Red Sox fans acting with class? I'll have some of whatever anonymous 6:43 is on.


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