Another day, another video…This time we go to the wayback machine for this commercial for the opening of Tropicana Field, or “The Florida Suncoast Dome” as it was known back then. It was “the biggest gala party in Florida history.” Of course it was. Kenny Rogers (ballads not baseballs), performed.



  1. shields33 says:

    18 years later, name is different, same dull stadium, Kenny Rogers still performing at the Trop only on Saturday's Country Night that appears once a year, and same laser show festivities.

    Nothing has change since 18 years ago.

  2. Mark says:

    This used to be on Youtube, but then it suddenly disappeared.

    Good find.

    The best line is...

    "Saturday March 3rd, the dream comes true!"

    Really though? Kenny Rogers is part of this dream coming true?


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