Jeff Moore thinks the San Diego Padres should trade Brian Giles to a team that needs a right fielder and a leadoff hitter. Jeff Moore thinks that the Tampa Bay Rays make a perfect trade partner.

Now 37, Giles is no longer a power threat, but he has emerged as an excellent leadoff hitter. Unfortunately, he is still paid like a power hitter, with his 2008 salary sitting at $9 million, and another $3 million required to buy him out after the season to avoid another $9M for 2009…The Rays’ current right-field situation consists primarily of the recently acquired Gabe Gross (2008 OPS of .688), Eric Hinske and Johnny Gomes (who should be a DH) [RI-Gomes has only started 3 games in RF in ’08]. Their leadoff hitter in all but two games this season has been second baseman Akinori Iwamura (2008 OBP of .339). The Rays could use help in both spots.

Interesting. you got our attention. Now what does Mr. Moore think the Rays should give up for Giles?

Rays get: Brian Giles. His 2008 buyout paid by Padres if activated by the Rays ($3 million).

Padres get: Jeff Niemann, Eric Hinske and Desmond Jennings.

This is the kind of crap that is generated when somebody knows very little about the team he is writing about.

Would the Rays trade for a player and add payroll if they thought it would improve the club and help in a playoff push? YES.

Are they going to add $6 million in prorated salary for a player (Eric Hinske) that actually has a lower OPS (.831) than Eric Hinske (.847) this season (not to mention Hinske is only being paid $800K this season)? NO

Are they also going to mortgage part of the future by trading TWO Top-100 prospects (Jeff Niemann and Desmond Jennings) for a player that is a free agent at the end of the season? NO

Giles is an interesting player. The Rays might actually be a better team with him at the top of the order. But this is the type of move that other teams make and then regret 96.4% of the time. Andrew Friedman and Co. have gotten the Rays to their current position by NOT making silly desperation moves like this. Just because the Rays are suddenly one of the better teams in baseball, does not mean they are going to deviate from the plan that got them there.

Padres Giles could cure what ails Rays [Fox Sports]


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  1. kyle says:

    I saw that article yesterday and laughed out loud at the "trade proposal".

    freakin ridiculous!


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