10 posts in one day? Hoochie mamma!

We thought (hoped?) we were done for the day, but this just came across our desk and it is too good to pass up. Three of our favorite bloggers and regular commenters of this site, David Chalk (Bugs and Cranks), Jessica (Her Rays) and Katie (Oh, it’s those Twins girls) made an appearance over at Yahoo! Sports’ Big League Stew, along with Andrea Reiher (Bugs and Cranks and fellow University of Iowa alum) and Rachel W (So Much Sound and Fury).

Their goal was to…ummm?…well, we will just let Chalk tell you

I love baseball, but I realize the MLB Draft is never going to be as interesting as the NBA or NFL draft. We’ve never seen or heard of any of these people and it’s going to be a year or two before any of them make it to the big leagues…So why not turn it into an entertaining and educational journey with some of the finest female baseball writing minds on the Internets? And why not sprinkle in some information about the prospective top picks with a little analysis of my own.

In other words, if the Rays are having trouble picking amongst the best available players…why not draft the hottest of the bunch.

Sweet Fancy Moses! What has Chalk done? We have no idea what he has started, but one can’t read that piece and not think that Chalk sounds an awful lot like Charlie TownsendLucky bastard.

Baseball ladies turn the Rays draft into a meat market [Big League Stew]



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