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The Good: The call by the White Sox announcers on Cliff Floyd’s walk-off home run to lead off the 9th inning. “That ball hit way back…DeWayne Wise at the fence…jumps…AND MAKES THE CATCH…no…that ball is outta here and this ball game is over.” For the record, Wise missed that ball by about 8 feet. I mean he was in the neighborhood, but anybody with a pulse knew he didn’t catch it. Hawk Harrelson is such a homer, that he wishes the ball into White Sox gloves.

The Bad: Rays got the first 2 batters on in the 1st inning. What are the chances of BJ Upton grounding into a double-play with Carl Crawford on first? If they play together for the next 10 years, I would be surprised if it happens 5 more times…Hawk Harrelson’s grandson proposed to his girlfriend at the game. Hawk knew it was going to happen and made sure the camera’s were focused on his grandson so all the friends and family could watch back home. Why do guys think this is OK? For those of you that are yet to propose…TRUST ME…they want a private moment. Just the two of you. She doesn’t want to share this with your grandfather or thousands of people on the big screen or the little screen at home.

The Telling: How fast is Carl Crawford? In the 9th inning somebody hit a line drive down the left field line that was 15 feet foul and with CC playing pulled over to left-center. There shoudn’t have even been a play, but Crawford actually dove for the ball. He missed it. But he and NOBODY else would have even been close to the ball.


  • Tyler Hissey from Rays Digest will be on 1220 AM talk radio today at 3:40 to discuss the Rays. [Rays Digest]
  • Marc Lancaster takes a none too subtle shot at Rays fans and their lack of support for the Rays. Tonight’s game is a near-sellout and Lancaster attributes it all to the post-game concert, and the the apparent eager anticipation of people that will go to the game just to get their free trucker hat. According to Lancaster, 10,000 people will be there for baseball and 20,000 people will be there for a few country songs and a free trucker hat. [Rays Report]
  • I wasn’t the only one that thought Hawk Harrelson’s call on Cliff Floyd’s home run was atrocious. UmpBump has a link to the video with the call. [UmpBump]
  • UmpBump also has a post comparing Dioner Navarro to Tony Gwynn and shows why this season might not be a fluke. [UmpBump]
  • Could David Price still be in the plans for the Rays this season? As a Joba Chamberlain-type?…Interesting idea, but I have to think that there is a better chance of Wade Davis or Jake McGee being called up as a dominant 8th inning guy. [Outs Per Swing]
  • Mayor Rick Baker and the city of St. Pete have recommended to the city council that they vote for the new stadium on June 5. This is just the first step in the process to put the new stadium on the ballot in November. [Ballpark Frankness]


  1. Anonymous says:

    Lancaster is an Idiot, what is his point or goal in saying something like that, if he drive the team out of town with dumb ass comments then he might be out of a job, and who really cares if they are there for Music and Hats, or Beer and Penuts, or they have some fetish with Raymond... they showed up and payed, and maybe in the process they might become a Rays fan, assuming that they weren't already.

  2. Jordi says:

    Once again, I was there. So that was Harrelson's grandkid that they made a big deal on the scoreboard? Or were there two people proposing? To be honest, from the party deck it looked as if maybe Floyd's HR was caught. Maybe. But I also got a close-up look to Crawford's attempt.

    Also, kudos to Shields who in the first 2 innings clearly did not have his best stuff. 2 inning ending double plays have a way of helping out.

    Oh and I voted for Crawford for all-star about 55 times. I was bored.

  3. DirtbagFan says:

    I've voted for CC tons of times as well... I've also been voting for Pena, Upton, Aki, and of course writing-in Dirtbag... kinda dumb that Aybar is on the list for 3rd base considering that he played all of like 5 games there so far this year.


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