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The Good: Matt Garza is still walking too many (4 last night) but he was better about getting ahead of batters. You can always tell when Garza is going to have a good night by his ability to get strike-one. Last night, he was strike-one to 18 of 30 batters (60%). Not great, but definitely improved. In his last start, when he allowed 7 runs in 4.1 innings, he was only strike-one to 10 of 25 batters (40%) …Aubrey Friggin Huff finally got what was comin’ to him. After torturing the Rays for the last year-plus, and after hitting a triple earlier in the game, Huff appeared to hit a run-scoring, game-tying double in the 8th inning with 1 out, but the drive was called foul. Huff would then ground into an inning ending double play.

The Bad: Flavored Tequila

The Telling: All five of the Rays starters now have at least one start in which they did not allow a run…The Rays have a 2.5 game lead in the Wild Card standings over Oakland and 3.5 games over Baltimore.


  • YouTube video of the day: Weezer’s new video featuring many of your viral video faves. [You Tube]
  • John Heyman reviews last winter’s “biggest trades” and doesn’t even mention the Matt Garza/Jason Bartlett/Delmon Young deal? I call “do over”. [SI.com]

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  1. DirtbagFan says:

    I read that article, and thought the exact same thing... some of the trades he had listed included second-teir prospects and not much else, and he chose to elaborate on those and not even give an honorable mention to the Garza, Bartlett/Young, Harris trade... bogus!

    I'll grade it for ya:

    Garza has to become more consistant, and despite Bartlett's solid play in the field I'd like to see the bat improve (maybe a change in batting order is what he needs). As for Harris and Young; Harris is a AAAA player, and Young has been far from impressive in the first quarter.

    Rays: A- Twins: C+


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