The image below is of Jonny Gomes sporting one of the Tampa Bay Rays new jerseys.

Please note that Gomes’ jersey appears to have two ‘A’s. We can’t explain why, but this absolutely drives us nuts. It appears as though the ‘A’ on the left (Gomes’ right) is a complete A, which is overlapped by a half-A on the right. Notice that the full-A on the left has a serif on the bottom as does the half-A.

We realize this is a problem created by the button-up nature of the jersey, but the only other team that we can think of this happening to is the D-Backs. Wouldnt it look better if the ‘A’ on the left was also half of an ‘A’? Wouldn’t it look better on the sloppy players if there was just a space between the two halves as opposed to creating the illusion of two ‘A’s?

Or is it too much to ask that the players to either button up the jersey or wear a bigger size if they find the jersey too constricting?

For the record, Carlos Pena’s jersey has the same problem when he is batting, however, Pena buttons the top button when he is in the field.



  1. Sean G says:

    you are not the only one. I scream at the TV every time Pena comes to the plate. it looks awful

  2. DirtbagFan says:

    My 8 year old is always asking me why Pena's jersay has 2 A's ... i'm glad he's not the only one who noticed.


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