Spending as much time in New York City as we do, you can imagine that it is never easy being a Crusader in an Unholy Land. But one of our simple joys is always basking at the backpage covers of the local tabloids after the Rays beat the Yankees. And never is that more enjoyable than this season as the Rays now sit 3.5 games ahead of the boys in pinstripes. To put it simpler…if the Rays lost the remaining three games of this series, they would still be ahead of the Yankees in the standings.



  1. KGengler says:

    Newsday called us the Tigers?

  2. KGengler says:

    Er, Daily News. Got my garbage mixed up.

  3. The Professor says:

    Wow. good catch. my bad. that is the May 1st back page.

    Just to show i am not crazy. here is a link to the back pages of the daily news for the month of May. If you click on "13" that is the cover you get.


    unfortunately, i did not notice that they have them in reverse order. meaning the 13th is actually under "1" and may 1st is under "13". further complicating matters is that Andy Pettite just happened to be on the cover of May 1st rubbing his head in the same manner as the Newsday cover


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