The Cubs are said to be cursed even though they have been to the playoffs recently…The Red Sox were said to be cursed even though they had intermittent periods of success…

The Tampa Bay Rays on the other hand have never won more than 70 games. The Tampa Bay Rays have finished last in the AL East in nine of their 10 years of existence. Meanwhile all three of their contemporary expansion brethren have been to the World Series with 3 titles among them.

If any franchise is cursed…it is the Tampa Bay Rays.

When the new ownership group exorcised the “Devil” the curse was supposed to be lifted…They gave the team new uniforms…They even spent money on free agents and gave long-term deals to some of their young talent. This was supposed to be the year the Rays broke out of the cellar and finally started to build respectability.

And yet, here we are almost two weeks into the season and the Tampa Bay Rays are still in last place. Worse, the team that the Rays everybody picked to finish ahead of, the Baltimore Orioles, are 6-1 and in first place.

The Rays have been beset by a number of injuries early on. After the recent injuries to Matt Garza and Cliff Floyd, the Rays now have eight players on the DL, including five (Garza, Floyd, Rocco Baldelli, Scott Kazmir, Dioner Navarro) that were slated to be starters prior to the season.

So if the Tampa Bay Rays are indeed cursed…what is the source of “The Curse”?

The New Kids On The Block.

It’s True. On March 31 (Opening Day), we learned that The New Kids On The Block were reuniting and would make an appearance on the “Today Show”.

And what do The New Kids On The Block have to do with the Tampa Bay Rays?

The largest crowd ever at the Tropicana Dome was a concert featuring The New Kids On The Block. On August 11, 1990, only months after the dome was opened, 47,150 screaming teens packed the then ThunderDomeThe Florida Suncoast Dome. How many other venues can stake claim to such a dubious distinction?

Of course, as part of the overhaul of the franchise, the Tampa Bay Rays have also announced plans to demolish Tropicana Field and build a new open-air ballpark along the St. Pete waterfront. If the Rays do indeed move, Tropicana Field will be redeveloped into a shopping and residential mecca. And the New Kids will no longer hold the record at any venues, nor are they likely to break any in the future.

Clearly the Tampa Bay Rays have angered the gods (Danny, Donnie, Jordan, Joey and Jonathon). If the Rays play terrible in 2008, there is a good chance the new stadium will not be approved and The Trop will live.

Of course, The New Kids also happen to be from Boston…and well, you already know how we feel about Boston.

The Curse Of THE NEW KIDS…Oh my. We would prefer a goat.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The attendance record was right but it wasn't set at the "Thunderdome." When the yard first opened it was the "Florida Suncoast Dome." The name didn't change to Thunderdome until the Lightning and Storm moved in.

  2. The Professor says:



  3. Pugh says:

    Rays r under the curse of the FuFuGahtoo...hovering over the blue green waters of TampaBay.

  4. Joe says:

    very interesting read, I loved it


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