In an effort to get back to talk about stuff on the field or at least in the ballpark, we bring you this story from USA Today which talks about the Rays hiring Tim Bogar this past off-season to be the quality assurance coach.

“Quality Assurance” you ask? We’ll let Joe Maddon explain…

“Everybody talks about quality control,” says Rays manager Joe Maddon. “But that means evaluating things after they’ve occurred. Quality assurance means we’re evaluating things in advance — trying to head off our mistakes.”

In other words…instead of just scouting other teams, the Rays are now scouting themselves. Tracking mental mistakes, looking for patterns other teams may exploit and trying to look at things from different perspective.

What we love about this story is that it is just another example of how forward-thinking the Rays organization can be. Even to the detail of where Bogar is stationed during the games…often in the pressbox. This is telling as football assistant coaches have been coaching from the pressbox for years, yet few baseball teams ever thought to try it. It offers the coach a different, more complete view of the action on the field.

It is only fitting that the Rays proposed waterfront stadium goes against the trend in baseball in the last 20 years to build “retro” parks. Rather the Rays are building a futuristic park unlike anything found in the U.S. today.

Much like how Billy Beane and the Oakland A’s have revolutionized how teams scout players, The Rays are also changing the way the game a baseball organization is run.

Self-examination may bring Rays solutions [USA Today]



  1. Anonymous says:

    Love that Maddon is proactive instead of reactive. Geez, with that new-age thinking, you'd think he was from the Left Coast!

  2. Scott says:

    You called out tampa bay sports blog on jason bartlett and they responded and called you out. no response?

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    So why haven't BJ's wheels been taken away???


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