This is a little old, but…HOLY SCHNIKEY!

I don’t care if it does look like a Star Wars character. A shark is a shark, especially when it is bigger than you are. And Scott Dohmann kicked some shark ass.

Dohmann, who just started to “dabble” in fishing after a lifetime of hunting small game such as geese and ducks, was using a blue runner his wife caught as bait…Little did he know he would soon have some bigger fish to fry. As the water began to get choppy, Dohmann felt the tug of what turned out to be a 130-pound hammerhead shark.

“My lower back was about to explode,” he said. “Some sharks fight for four or five hours; this was only 45 minutes but it was constantly whipping my butt.

The New Orleans native had the last laugh, bringing in the 61/2-foot shark before holding it in his arms as he would a newly wedded wife to pose for a photo.

Sharks are cousins to the Rays. It’s true. So maybe Dohmann shouldn’t have been killing one of his own. We mean…you don’t see Rex Grossman out hunting Koala Bears do you?

Still…the dude took down a 6 and a half foot shark. Something tells me that if The Dohberman can do that, he can handle the 6th and 7th innings against feeble humans.

A Ray’s shark tale [St. Pete Times]



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