We don’t need a ‘Nation’…We don’t need an ‘Empire’…All we need is a cold beverage, good music and better baseball. We are RAYSHEADS.

When the Tampa Bay Devil Rays first announced that they were changing their name, many fans, ourselves included, felt betrayed. It was one thing to change the name and the colors. It was something else entirely to change the mascot to sunshine, forcing our beloved fish out of the Trop.

While we have not been as adamant about holding on to the old moniker as some others have been, we still prefer to think of the mascot in terms of the shark’s cousin.

In an effort to reconcile our love of the past and move forward with the team, today we are declaring ourselves RAYSHEADS and ask you to join us.

We have designed a number of T-shirts and opened the Rays Index Store. This is your chance to pledge your allegiance and let everybody know that you are a RAYSHEAD and at the same time support our site (this latter point is important as we try to justify to Mrs. Professor the amount of time we spend working here).

Below are a few examples of the shirts we have to offer. We have included a number of styles for men, women and even one for the new RAYHEADS in your lives.

We also strongly encourage anybody that purchases a T-shirt to send us picture(s) of the shirts in the wild, preferably at The Trop while the Rays are pounding the crap out of the Yankees or the Red Sox. We will post all pictures here on the site and if we get enough we will include a permanent gallery in the sidebar.

Click on any image to be taken directly to the Rays Index store.

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  1. Hazleton Jason says:

    I love the new shirts...

    I would be interested in a 21 with "The Duke" or "Sonny" on the back

    or a 31 with "Watch out Shelley" on the back

    or anything saying "gettin' a Delmon" or "Elijah Dukes is a mischievous little badger" lol

  2. The Professor says:

    appreciate the compliment...

    The Duke is already in there. I'll have to work on the others. those aren't bad ideas.

    I really want an 31 in the store, but haven't decided which way to go.

  3. Hazleton Jason says:

    Ya I will def purchase at some point, probably more than one... I like the Rays of light Boston Bandwagon shirts too, I might get one of those too haha

  4. Tommy Vercetti says:

    Jonny Deeper


    The Virgo


    El Presidente


    I'll think of some more

  5. Tommy Vercetti says:

    The Leo


    Got ahead on my zodiac signs

  6. Ben says:

    YES YES YES these shirts are awesome, I can't wait to get some especially the foston and fankees, haha, genius. Also love the dirtbag shirt!

  7. Sean says:

    Yankee Clipper


  8. Anonymous says:

    31 Shelley's Daddy?

  9. Hazleton Jason says:

    YANKEE CLIPPER 31 IS THE BEST!!!! Holy SH-- pure freaking Genius

    Cork, ya gotta go with that one, and give that man some royalties, id buy that shirt like yesterday...

  10. The Professor says:

    we will add a couple later in the week.

  11. Sean says:

    What did you say hazleton jason? I couldn't hear you over my awesomeness.

  12. hazleton jason says:

    Sean, stick to shirt ideas, it's what you are good at-

  13. Sean says:

    You can pretty much pencil me in for one good T-Shirt idea every season.

  14. hazleton jason says:

    If I were a Cubs fan, my buddy thought of a good one that just reads

    fuk u do me

    which i thought was clever, perverted enough, and funny...

  15. Hugging Harold Reynolds says:

    You gotta rock some lightweight tees instead of all heavyweights.


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