Are we the only ones that find it just a little suspicious that the Tampa Bay Rays first off-day during spring training came on St. Patrick’s Day?

It is a spring training tradition for teams to wear green caps (including the Mariners, Tigers, Pirates, Dodgers) or jerseys (including Phillies, Twins) on the holiest of days. Even a couple of basketball teams have gotten in on the fun (including the Knicks, Bulls, Raptors). [Green hat tip to UniWatch for the images]

So it seems a little bit like a conspiracy worthy of Oliver Stone, that the one team in baseball that just recycled their green caps and jerseys in favor of two shades of blue, would have the day off and thus be spared from having to decide whether or not to don green caps or jerseys.

In fact, we could probably see this coming last year. In spring training, the Rays, who were already rumored to be losing the green, actually made professional sports history, becoming the first team to wear less green on St. Patrick’s Day. It’s true. They played their St. Paddy’s day spring training game with white caps.

Maybe the team chose to avoid all of the obvious jokes, but we aren’t believing for a second that this was just a “quirk in the scheduling”.

There was one possible solution…Is two weeks in the new colors too soon for a “Turn Back The Clock” Day?


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