The Rays made a couple of moves today, one surprise, one not so much, in an effort to finalize their 25-man roster for opening day on Monday in Baltimore.

The not surprising move was Grant Balfour will be Designated For Assignment, giving the last bullpen spot to Scott Dohmann.

The surprising move is that the Rays have acquired Nathan Haynes off of waivers from the Los Angeles Angels. The move was announced during today’s televised broadcast of the Rays’ matchup with the Reds. Haynes figures to be the Rays 4th outfielder come opening day suggesting that Eric Hinske will not be on the opening day roster.

Haynes, 28, was originally a first round selection of the A’s in 1997. After 10 years in the minors, he made his major league debut last year for the Angels, appearing in 40 games, hitting .267/.313/.311 in only 45 at bats. In his 11 pro seasons, Haynes has only appeared in 100 games three times. He does appear to have some speed with 254 career steals in the minors.

Balfour cut; Dohmann takes last bullpen spot [Rays Report]



  1. CubsfanRaysaddict says:

    Should we start getting the 25 man rosters ring sizes now?

  2. Anonymous says:

    The Dohmann announcement is garbage, the face that Hinske would be the one cut for Haynes is double garbage...
    Option Guzman instead...

  3. The Professor says:

    Dohmann is nothing to be excited about but it doesnt worry me. Last year he would have been the 6th or 7th inning guy. this year he will be the mop-up guy. The only time he is coming into games is when the score is 9-2.

    Hinske and Haynes does surprise me. Never saw that one coming. Was Elliot Johnson so bad in center field that we are going to pick a career journeyman minor leaguer over a serviceable veteran major leaguer?

  4. Peter says:

    Prof, you've been saying all along that Balfour would be cut before Dohmann. I disagreed when you first said it, and I still think it was a bad move. How many strikeouts did Balfour have this spring? With the exception of his last game, it seemed like he was better than Dohmann any way you look at it.

    What do you think the chances are he makes it to the Bulls?

  5. The Professor says:

    one think to keep in mind about the way we try to run this site. from day 1 our goal has always been to predict what the Rays will do, NOT what they should do. Personally i think Dohmann is awful. I think his numbers were decent last year because the only time he was brought in was when the Rays were losing 12-3.

    Balfour had by far the better spring even if you consider that last outing. Balfour allowed 16 base runner in 12 innings (11 Ks). Dohmann allowed 20 base runners in 11.1 innings (10 Ks).

    But Papa Joe has always been adamant and he repeated it today during the TV broadcast. He puts more weight into last season than he does in the spring. That means the spot was Dohmann's from the beginning. It was up to Balfour to take it. and apparently he did not do enough to warrant a change.

    in the end though, let's hope that this is not a very important position and Dohmann is not relied upon too much to win ballgames.

  6. The Professor says:

    oh. and the Bulls? Good question. I'd say there is a better than 50% chance that he gets picked off of waivers. teams always need relief pitchers. and he is cheap.


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