Matt Bishoff of DRays Bay attended the Rays workout yesterday and snapped some pictures. Fairly typical practice pics. But then something caught our eye.

Last year, Scott Kazmir looked like this.

This year Kaz looks like this…

There is a reason we call him ‘Kid K’, with his boyish looks. The 6’0″ Kaz is just making it worse by wearing Jeff Niemann’s (6’9″) pants.

Pictures and Full Practice Report [DRays Bay]



  1. Anonymous says:

    lame, bring back the knee socks.

  2. Big Mike says:

    agreed. i haven't seen Aki's pants yet. anybody know if he is still sporting knee-highs?

  3. Ben says:

    what ever happened to the stirrups campaign?

  4. The Professor says:

    unfortunately, it looks like we lost one of the only players that could have worn stirrups. The movement may have died a sad and lonely death


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