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You already know what an ass Delmon Young can be and now that he is no longer a Devil Ray, we no longer have to defend his actions…

For those few of you that cannot read Korean, that is Delmon Young having a conversation with his brother Dmitri Young. Below is the translation, but we don’t really need that do we? Clearly the younger Delmon just struck out and the elder Dmitri is telling his kin-folk that it was the umpire’s fault and that Joe Maddon is holding back his potential. Or maybe it is this…

Dimitri (sic): “Because your face looks exactly like mine, you will be a great star!!”

Delmon: “No! My appearance is not like that!!!”

“DNA can’t be cheated!!”

“Po-jik” (Korean breaking sound)

Caption: “Purveyor of dirty personality!!”

Dirty Personality indeed…It really is a shame that Delmon was not traded to the Nationals this off-season. A team with Delmon, Dmitri and Elijah Dukes would certainly help Washington regain it’s status as the crime capital of the U.S.

DNA can’t be cheated!!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    what? they couldn't put him in a Twins uniform?

  2. Anonymous says:

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    I love TB
    I come thie site every day.
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  3. Sean G says:

    that is AWESOME. I just wish he was in a Twins uni.

  4. Anonymous says:

    hey professor, up date your confidence graph, after this, as i predicted, Joe would hold a meeting rallying the troops, not making predictions through the press as you wanted. :

    “Play in October,” Kazmir said. “That’s possible. That’s what I got out of [Rays manager] Joe [Maddon] talking to us and all of my teammates.


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