We will throw a tiny little party during office-hours when Barry Bonds signs someplace, even if it is Japan. Because, when he does finally sign-on to play in 2008, we can stop bringing up the absolutely ludicrous possibility of Bonds playing for the Tampa Bay Rays.

This morning Marc Topkin of the St. Pete Times once again broached the subject by reporting that the Rays had internal discussions concerning the possibility of signing Bonds.

There has been no formal offer, actual wooing or even public displays of affection. But the Rays seem to have at least an eye on Barry Bonds, and team officials have recently talked internally about the all-time home run king who has been at the center of the steroids controversy.

This is a non-story and we are sick and tired of talking about it.

Of course the Rays discussed Bonds. He is a free agent. Is there somebody out there that actually thought it was a possibility that nobody ever brought up Bonds’ name in a team meeting? Of course they did. They discussed him just as they did every other free agent that is available. WHO CARES?!?!

Let’s ignore for a second that there are plenty of reasons that signing Bonds makes no sense for the Rays…At no point is there any indication that the Rays’ brass are actually considering signing the all-time home run king.

The Rays reiterated this point through a spokesman this morning.

According to Rays officials, there is nothing to today’s published report that the team may have interest in signing Barry Bonds.

‘’It’s a non-story,’’ executive vice president Andrew Friedman said through team apokesman Rick Vaughn.

One more time for the cheap seats, or whichever seats Marc Topkin is sitting in: BARRY BONDS WILL NOT SIGN WITH THE RAYS.

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  1. Robert Rittner says:

    I agree that it is highly unlikely that the Rays sign Bonds or even that there is serious discussion about it. But this is why it most definitely is a story:
    "Currently, Borris is in Florida driving from camp to camp trying to convince GMs to sign Bonds. As we get closer and closer to the regular season, whispers will start turning into shouts involving the B-word: Blackballed."
    That is from mlbtraderumors.com. Since that is happening and TB is in Florida and it is Bonds we are talking about, it has to be news that the Rays have discussed it. Otherwise, it would appear that the Rays are not a major league club. You cannot just ignore that the greatest player in history (or second greatest if you want to argue the point) is available and his agent is nearby and trying to stimulate interest. You have to let readers know that the team has discussed it, so long as you frame it carefully as speculative and part of a larger process, which is exactly what Topkin did.

    I disagree completely with your notion that Bonds would not fit on the Rays. You might read Joe Sheehan at BP (subscription required) on the issue:


    While I think Sheehan overlooks some points and I am not entirely convinced it would be a good idea to sign Bonds, I do think there are strong arguments in favor.

    But as you say, I too doubt it will happen.

  2. The Professor says:

    There are definitely reasons why Bonds would be a good addition for the Rays.

    My argument has been, and will be, that no matter how much you think Bonds will help, it just won't happen.

    the biggest reason is that the front office has shown themselves to be VERY image conscious. They dropped the "Devil", they traded Delmon Young and Elijah Dukes (the latter for a low-A pitcher).

    so when I say he doesn't 'fit' i was referring more to 'doesn't fit with the organization' as opposed to 'doesn't fit in the lineup'.

    That is the biggest reason it won't happen but there are baseball reasons also:
    -He is 43.
    -Bad knees that some said affected his swings at times last year.
    -The Rays already signed Floyd.
    -Even at a discount, it won't be cheap. He is not coming to the Rays for the league minimum.
    -the indictment
    -the distractions

  3. Anonymous says:

    this report got back to espn, it was discussed on mike and mike today. They of course dont see Bonds asa good fit with the rays and see some better ones out there with Seattle and LAA. Either way we may be hearing a lot more of this if Espn got a hold of it.

  4. The Professor says:

    that's what we are afraid of.

    to reiterate my previous point:

    1. Bonds would most likely help the Rays win more games.
    2. The Rays would probably even benefit financially from the signing.

    BUT, signing Bonds goes against everything the Rays have ever done with this team since Sternberg took control. They have a very detailed plan and so far the plan is working. Signing Bonds goes against that plan.

    So while i can see how it would benefit the team, I am just saying it is not going to happen, so why discuss it?

    This is a case where the Rays would take two steps back in order to take three steps forward. I just don't think this is a team that thinks this way. They are not an organization that ever wants to take steps backwards even if the net gain is positive.

  5. Robert Rittner says:

    I would say it is worth discussing because Bonds is someone different from the usual suspects. There is no such thing as a carved in stone plan; special circumstances may alter any plan.

    Like you, I doubt it will happen, although I think that is not entirely because the Rays would be loathe but because Bonds would be as well. But there is no way not to discuss it if a hint of it is in the air. We are not talking about acquiring Carl Everett or David Wells or Milton Bradley or even Gary Sheffield, in all of which cases I agree that discussion would be futile (well, maybe not Sheffield, but even him probably).

  6. Anonymous says:

    like i said before, espn got a hold of it, and it is now one of their top stories of the day on ESPNEWS, You will no doubt see this on sportscenter tonight. If none the less, casual rays fans may see this even more evidence that the new rays ownership trying everything to win.

  7. Evan says:

    Totally disagree with you here. Is there a better fit in the MLB for Bonds than TB?? I really don't think so. In TB, he gets less attention, can be fit perfectly in their lineup (peace out jonny gomes!), and gets a chance at contention with a really good young team.

  8. The Professor says:

    evan, everything you are saying is true.

    I do think Bonds would perform well and the rays win more games with him.

    My argument is just that i can't see it happening. everything the Rays front office has said and done in the past two-plus years suggests that they would not want to sign Bonds. Even if it was on the cheap.

  9. Evan says:

    Yeah sorry I should have read what you wrote earlier. If that is the case, I agree. But I do think it is something that need to at least deliberate, even with the Floyd signing. Bonds could have a ton of marginal value for their team if he propels them from 82 win talent to 87 win talent, or something in that neighborhood.

  10. Ben says:

    If the rays get bonds, why don't they just bring back young and dukes and all there problems and have one of the most feared outfields in the history of the game. I mean why would they bring in bonds with all his baggage after getting rid of two other problematic players? hopefully it is a non issue and remands just that.

  11. Syar Og says:

    so professor, would you want Bonds on the team? Because although it will help them I dont like it, i think in the end it could be destructive to a young team. If the rays go on a tear and are competting for a wild card spot or even the division, it will be a media circus with bonds on the team, which is an understatement, and isnt his 3000th hit coming soon?

  12. The Professor says:

    the former player in me says "hell yeah! get his ass in here. I will strap him and his recliner to my back and walk him to the trop"

    he would def help the Rays win games. and while he may be the biggest of the bunch, every team has primadonnas and pains in the asses. players and coaches just want to win. and thats what Bonds would help do.

    BUT, the fan in me says 'no way'. there is a certain satisfaction in winning the way the Rays are doing things nowadays.


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