Tampa Bay Rays (15 days until pitchers and catchers report)
Today is national croissant day, which of course means that we are making American croissants for breakfast.


  • Just in case Marc Topkin is looking for material today, here are two more positions that the Rays are trying to fill. HERE and HERE. [TampaBay.com]
  • The Baseball Analysts take a look at the correlation between wins and payroll in 2007. [The Baseball Analysts]
  • Keith Law has ranked the top prospects at each position. And as a surprise to none, the list is littered with Rays. Reid Brignac is the #3 shorstop. Evan Longoria is the top ranked third baseman. Desmond Jennings is the #3 center fielder. Wade Davis is the #4 right-handed pitcher. David Price and Jake McGee are the #3 and #4 left-handed pitching prospects, respectively. [ESPN]
  • We don’t ever pick apart Bill Chastain’s mailbag at DevilRays.com. We understand he pretty much has his hands tied with the questions. But this week he skirted an answer that could use a little more substance. Chastain was asked when we can expect to see John Jaso at the major league level. In short, Chastain answers “I don’t look for Jaso to be with the team on Opening Day, but stranger things have happened. Right now Dioner Navarro, Shawn Riggans and Mike DiFelice are blocking Jaso’s way. I think the Rays want to see Jaso compete at the Triple-A level before thinking about giving him the call.” Well, he isn’t wrong, but he never really answered the question. It is OK to speculate even if we don’t know. A quick look at Jaso’s minor league record and we see that in his 5 minor league seasons, 2007 marked the first year he played more than 100 games and 35 of those we as the biscuits DH (he is oft-injured). He has moved up a level each year, but has never been promoted in-season (the team is being patient as all teams do with catchers). He has yet to appear in AAA. All that adds up to a 2008 season spent entirely at AAA Durham. He will be 25 on opening day in 2009, his second year on the 40-man roster. We will see Jaso at the major league level sometime during the 2009 season. Whether he is on the opening day roster or not is more dependent on how Dioner Navarro performs in 2008, and whether he still requires a veteran back-up. We are on the record as saying previously that we drool over the idea of a Navarro-Jaso platoon in 2009. [DevilRays.com]
  • The Dugout is back with part 2 of their Evan Longoria chatroom. [AOL Fanhouse]
  • Roto Authority has begun their list of Spring Training cliches, as this is the time of year when it seems as if every player shows up having lost 20 pounds, or packed on 20 pounds of muscle or are in the best shape of their career, etc. While not on the list yet, we should be able to add Carl Crawford and Jeff Niemann as we have already heard about how both are in better shape than recent years. [Roto Authority]

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  1. Robert Rittner says:

    Thank you for making my case for me, Professor. You will note that Topkin did not mention these openings in the paper, or in his blog, nor did the paper include them in a sidebar.

    That is exactly the difference I mentioned earlier. These are office positions and not part of the on-field entertainment, so they appear in the classifieds. The cheerleader/emcee positions relate directly to entertaining the fans and so are of general interest. Any person who thinks s/he can dance/cheer/whatever might take the opportunity to tryout, not just careerists looking for a job.

    Actually, I'll go further. There is a lure to working in auxiliary positions for a professional sports team in any city, and it is a service to the community to announce when one is looking for cheerleaders, ushers, vendors and the like. In other words, even non-entertainment jobs may have a place in an article.


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